I Want to Be … An Astronaut by Becky Davies & illus. by Richard Merritt

I have another fantastic space-themed kids’ book for you today. I Want to Be … An Astronaut by Becky Davies & illustrated by Richard Merritt is a fun board book with bite-sized facts about space exploration for even the littlest readers to enjoy.

The book takes you through the gear an astronauts wears, and the basics of space travel and the scientific work that takes place in space. It also includes a basic primer on the planets of our solar system. And the last page of the book features a fun astronaut with a mirrored helmet, so your littles can literally see themselves in a space suit and imagine what it would be like to be an astronaut.

I had fun reading this with my twins, even if they’re still a little too young to grasp the actual concepts. (They’re only 9 months old!) But they were engaged hearing me read aloud and looking at the illustrations — and of course, they loved the mirror at the very end!

I Want to Be … An Astronaut is available now! Here is the official synopsis:

Do you want to be an astronaut? Open this book to find out what adventures await!

This book will help kids to imagine what it’s like to be an astronaut! Starting with putting on the spacesuit and then entering the cockpit before blastoff, to visiting the space station and zooming around some planets, this book provides an early introduction to a day in the life of a busy astronaut. The surprise mirror at the end provides a fun, interactive bonus!


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