123s of Thankfulness by Patricia Hegarty & illus. by Summer Macon

This time of year is all about learning to give thanks! 123s of Thankfulness by Patricia Hegarty & illustrated by Summer Macon is a wonderful new board book about teaching our littlest ones about being grateful.

The book isn’t Thanksgiving-themed, so it’s truly a wonderful tool to teach gratitude any time of year. But I really appreciate having this one in my arsenal of books right now with my twins, since I love rotating out their basket of books seasonally.

It breaks down the idea of saying thank you into simple concepts, and uses a soothing, rhyming pattern that my kids adore. Along with very sweet, charming illustrations, 123s of Thankfulness has easily made it into our regular rotation for story time this month.

Thanks to Random House Kids for the review copy. 123s of Thankfulness is available now. Here is the official description:

Learning the importance of thankfulness is as easy as 1-2-3 with this sweet board book.

One little thank you can go a long, long way.
Two strong arms to hug somebody tight.
Three cheers for friends and everything they do.

Learn your 123s while discovering the value of sharing gratitude with this irresistibly illustrated board book that’s perfect for Thanksgiving and all year round! Complete the collection with ABCs of Kindness!

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