Winston Winks by Megan Cline & illus. by Sakshi Mangal: Blog Tour Review & Giveaway

Today’s review is part of the official blog tour. Be sure to keep reading to learn more about the Winston the Wombat series and enter to win a set of signed books.

When I first heard about the Winston the Wombat series, I knew immediately I needed to check it out for the sole reason that it was a children’s book series about a wombat.

Why, you ask? Ever since we brought our twins home from the hospital, we nicknamed our daughter “Wombat,” on account of the grunty, wombat-like noises she’d make in her sleep. She was (and still is) a noisy baby, and we’ve even started using wombat as a verb. (As in, “Is she awake, or just wombating?”)

Winston Winks introduces the titular character in the series, and his personality also reminded me of my daughter. He is curious and eager, and does not want to wait to be able to do new things — even though his mother repeatedly encourages him to practice. She reminds him that things he does easily now (like talking and walking) took lots of practice once, too.

The story is sweet and the illustrations are charming. And though my twins are a little young to comprehend this book yet, I can definitely see this one making the story time rotation soon enough.

Winston Winks and other books in the series are available now. Here is the official synopsis:

A curious and thoughtful little wombat, Winston is always trying new things and wondering about one thing or another. Luckily, his always loving and patient mom is there to offer encouragement, affection, and the answers to all of his questions―of which there are many.

Today, Winston wants to wink. Why? Well, he always watches his Grandpa wink and wants to wink as well. But wow! What a challenge!

With the help of his mom, he learns that not every skill comes easily, but that with patience and practice and perseverance, they can be perfected.

If Winston wants to wink badly enough and keeps working at it, then wink he will!…

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Here’s more about the other books in the series:

Winston Wiggles

Winston is a curious and thoughtful little wombat who has questions and ideas about the world. Winston’s family encourages and helps him with his discoveries and adventures. Tonight Winston has caught a case of the wiggles. He is so excited about his class field trip that he can barely be still. With some help from his Mom and Dad, Winston will learn some calming tricks to get him ready to rest….

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Winston’s Wet

Everybody’s favorite Wombat is back, and he’s desperate to cool down! Winston wants to play outside, but it’s SO hot. Luckily, his mom comes up with a great idea: They can play in the sprinklers! Together they jump and laugh and play in the cool water under a hot summer sun, and then things get even better. There’s a rainbow! Right there in the mist. But where did it come from?

With the help of his mom, Winston learns why rainbows appear when there’s mist in the sun, and how it’s just like friendship and love-something miraculous that you can feel and enjoy, even when you can’t catch it in your hand….

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A lifelong lover of books, and a member of her local library board of trustees for over fifteen years, Megan Cline has been inspired to create this series of children’s stories by her own insatiably curious son, whose questions and wonderings about the world around him always prodded her to think about things that had never even occurred to her.

​Megan currently lives in Iowa with her husband, son, Patsy the dog, and Humphrey the hamster.

Photo by Becky Carlyle.

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1 winner will win a signed copies of the WINSTON THE WOMBAT SERIES, US Only.

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