Little Owl’s Bedtime by Debi Gliori & Illus. by Alison Brown

Are bedtime stories part of your nightly routine? My twins are six months old now, and we’ve tried bedtime stories off and on since they were born, but most reading has just happened whenever I manage to squeeze it in. Days with twins are long, but go by fast. However, we’ve finally started falling into a good schedule that let’s us read some books before we put on jammies and give the twins their last bottle before bed.

Little Owl’s Bedtime by Debi Gliori and illustrated by Alison Brown is the perfect bedtime story. It follows a little owl who has many, many excuses to keep from falling asleep — and the very patient mommy owl who tackles each hurdle as they come. It’s a ritual any parent can relate to, I’m sure — and while my kids aren’t old enough yet to try any of these bedtime delay tactics, I’m sure they’re coming. My daughter, especially, gets the worst case of baby FOMO when it’s time for naps.

A very charming story, with sweet illustrations, the book’s overall message is a good one for any parent to emphasize when their little ones are “too excited to sleep” or are otherwise delaying bedtime: tomorrow, and all that it holds, will come even faster if you just go to sleep.

Little Owl’s Bedtime is available now. Here is the official synopsis:

From bestselling picture book duo Debi Gliori and Alison Brown comes an irresistible bedtime story perfect for little night owls.

Little Owl does not want to go to bed. His pillow is too lumpy and his quilt is too hot. He’s tried to go to sleep. He’s tried REALLY hard, but then there is a strange snorting noise, and. . .


It seems like Little Owl will never fall asleep, but Mommy Owl has a few tricks up her sleeve to soothe her fidgety Little Owl and help him get a good night’s rest.

Bestselling author Debi Gliori explores all the things that keep kids from settling into bed–and the ingenious ways parents quiet restless minds–in this sweet bedtime story, lovingly illustrated by renown artist Alison Brown.

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