Up Cat, Down Cat by Steve Light

My twins Dax and Lily are almost 4 months old now (what?!?!?!), and we’ve started reading more with them every day. They tend to poop out at the end of the day, and their bedtime routine is very short right now, despite what all the books and blogs have recommended — so bedtime stories just haven’t become a thing yet. But they LOVE looking at books during tummy time and being read to throughout the day.

Our friends at Candlewick Press recently sent us a copy of Up Cat, Down Cat by Steve Light, and oh man, is this one a huge hit. The babies love the high contrast images, and I love that it teaches them words and concepts. Plus, it’s a board book, so the babes have fun turning the pages themselves (even when I don’t want them to — lol!).

Up Cat, Down Cat is available now. Here is the official synopsis:

From the creator of the celebrated Black Bird Yellow Sun comes another bold and beautiful concept book, this time playing with opposites and reversals.

Black cat. White cat. One is long, stretching out, and the other is short, crouching. When both perch in a window, one tail is straight, the other one curly. One has an empty plate, and the other a full one. With a mouse to entertain them, variously lost and found, they move through the day, until one cat is awake and the other asleep, but for how long? With enchanting ink illustrations full of pure color, simple shapes, and an elegant use of negative and positive space, this concept board book for the youngest of readers is a joy to behold — and as graceful as a leaping cat.

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