2018 Bookish Gift Guide

What do you buy the book lover who buys her own books?

BOOKISH MERCH, of course! Today’s gift guide is all about non-book gifts for book lovers. Be sure to keep an eye out throughout the guide for exclusive discount codes at select featured shops.

Book Boxes

Subscription boxes have become a huge trend, and while they aren’t usually my thing (I’m super picky, and only order occasionally), a one-time box purchase can make a great gift. Some come with a book and related merchandise, others are “merch only” and may include things like candles, tote bags, bookmarks, prints, enamel pins, pillow cases, etc.

One of my favorites is the Dreamy Box from Dreamy & Co. This monthly box is super affordably priced at just $20 (its $18 if you use NOVEL10 at checkout) & includes so many amazing goodies. As previously stated, I’m SUPER picky about buying sub boxes, but I’ve received all of the Dreamy & Co boxes to date and they are always fantastic. The November box is especially giftable, as it’s a generic “Bookworm Life” themed box!

DIY Book Box

Take all the fun of a subscription box, and do-it-yourself for a truly customized gift. Choose a theme specific to the recipient, and then select different items for your “box” that all tie in together. (HOT TIP! Use some of the shops featured in this guide to put together your DIY book box.) Here are a few ideas:

Bookstagrammer Starter Pack

Someone itching to join the bookstagram trend? Get them a vinyl backdrop and some assorted props, including some candles, cute bookmarks, and maybe a book sleeve.

Winter Reading Kit

Choose a cozy book sleeve, a scented candle, and a cute mug, plus some tea or cocoa to fill it.

Fandom Favorites

Got someone who’s passionate about a particular fandom? Choose an assortment of goodies all themed around their fandom.

Bookish Candles

There are so many bookish candle companies out there, it’s hard to know where to start.

Having sampled many of them, here are my top picks for bookish candle companies based on quality, customer service, product offerings & prompt turnaround time:

Three Knocks Candles

Favorite Candles: #AmReading, Physical Kids Cottage, Rowan, Basic Bitch Fall Edition

COUPON: Use NOVELNOVICE15 to save 15% at checkout.

Icey Designs

Favorite Candles: To Whatever End, Make Me Your Villain, Nikolai, Audrey Rose, And They Lived Happily Ever After

COUPON: Use NOVEL10 to save 10% at checkout.

Novelly Yours

Favorite Candles: Castle Whitespire, Joshua Templeman, Limitless Lions, Book Rainbow

Get Fictional

Favorite Candles: Sleepy Hollow, Akiva, Nevermore, Dickens Christmas

Little Mouse Bookshelf

Favorite Candles: Lord Westfall, Fire-Breathing Bitch-Queen, Eelyn & Fiske

COUPON: Use DOLLS15 to save 15%

Book Sleeves

The book sleeve trend has truly taken off, but if you don’t know what I’m talking about, let me explain. A book sleeve is a padded fabric sleeve meant to hold your book and keep it safe and protected when you’re out and about, or when you toss it into a larger bag when you’re on the go (be it to a coffee shop, or for long-distance travel).

I was skeptical about book sleeves for a long time, until I finally bought on for myself and, well … I’ve never looked back. I have way too many sleeves, but I can’t help myself when there are so many cute designs & I can choose a sleeve to match the theme or colors of the book I’m reading.

There are a LOT of shops selling book sleeves, but these are my top 3 favorite shops:

Dreamy & Co: These guys added book sleeves to their shop earlier this year, and while they currently only offer them in one size (which holds most trade paperback & smaller hardcovers), their fabric offerings are adorable and unique.

COUPON: Use NOVEL10 to save 10% at checkout.

Love You More Studios: These sleeves are distinct for their contrasting interior fabric. These are available in three sizes: kindle (fits any 5″ x 7″ device), standard (holds most trade paperback & smaller hardcovers), and full (holds the bigger hardcovers like SJM books). Turnaround time is longer for these guys, as most sleeves are made to order, and they are no longer guaranteeing delivery by Christmas. BUT they do have an assortment of ready made sleeves that will ship within in 24-48 hours available here.

COUPON: Use NOVEL10 to save 10% at checkout.

Live the Cozy Life: My first book sleeves came from this shop, and I’ve been a loyal customer ever since. You can’t beat their quality & lightning quick turnaround time; all sleeves listed in the shop are ready to ship, and usually go out within a day or two of ordering. They’re available in three sizes: Redwood (holds your biggest hardcovers, like SJM books), Pine (holds most trade paperback & smaller hardcovers), and Sapling (great for mass market paperbacks or a Kindle). The Pine size also perfectly fits an iPad, which is how my husband uses his.

HOT GIFT IDEA: Want to share a book you love with a loved one this holiday season? Gift them the book wrapped inside a book sleeve of their very own.

Or, tuck a bookstore gift card and a list of book recommendations inside a book sleeve.

Glass Art

My friend Lauren recently opened a small Etsy shop called InkFeather Books featuring her incredible, hand-made glass pieces featuring short quotes from beloved books. They’re beautiful pieces, and what I love most about them is that I can hang it in my window to catch the light. I have SO much incredible bookish art, but my wall space is limited — so having something I can display in a window is perfect.

She has a few pieces still in stock, and will have more coming in early December.

COUPON: Use NOVEL10 to save at checkout.

One Stop Shopping

A couple shops previously mentioned in this guide have become my go-to spots for buying beautiful, high-quality bookish merch. I want to highlight them here, because these shops may be able to satisfy a lot of needs on your shopping list:

Icey Designs: This has been one of my favorite shops for many years now, and I have mad respect for GirlBoss owner Hafsah (whose debut novel We Hunt the Flame comes out in 2019 & it should totally be on your pre-order list ASAP). Her shop is home to some of the most gorgeous goods I’ve ever seen and include: candles, journals & planners, pencil sets, enamel pins, pillow cases, tile coasters, and more.

COUPON: Use NOVEL10 to save 10% at checkout.

Dreamy & Co: I know I’ve mentioned these guys a few times in this guide, but it’s because I genuinely love this shop! They have SO much to offer: a variety of bookmarks (both regular & magnetic styles), bookish prints, enamel pins, key chains, and book sleeves.

COUPON: Use NOVEL10 to save 10% at checkout.

Enchanted Fandom: This is home to fandom-inspired apparel, drinkware, socks, and more.

COUPON: Use AUTUMN15 to save 15% at checkout.

Dress to Impress

Bookish clothing is never out of fashion. Here are some shops that sell gorgeous fandom and bookish-inspired apparel and fashion accessories:

Need more ideas? Check out previous year’s shopping guides for even more bookish merch to give as gifts. And tune in tomorrow for some gift-worthy books!

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