Bookish Holiday Shopping Guide 2019

Every year, I share the same old advice: it's almost impossible to buy books as gifts for book-lovers because (1) you don't know what they already have and (2) book lovers often tend to buy themselves books. Gift cards for retailers that sell books are ALWAYS a great gift idea. But bookish merch is another... Continue Reading →

2018 Gift-Worthy Books

Looking for some gorgeous gift-worthy books to give this holiday season? Here are a few on our radar ... Collector's Editions Some popular books have gorgeous gift-worthy collector's editions coming out just in time for the holidays. Here are a few I'm in love with: The Book of Dust: La Belle Sauvage - Collector's Edition... Continue Reading →

2018 Bookish Gift Guide

What do you buy the book lover who buys her own books? BOOKISH MERCH, of course! Today's gift guide is all about non-book gifts for book lovers. Be sure to keep an eye out throughout the guide for exclusive discount codes at select featured shops. Book Boxes Subscription boxes have become a huge trend, and... Continue Reading →

Best Books for Holiday Gifts 2017

I've always said one of the hardest things to buy as a gift for book lovers is ... well, books. Because so often book lovers don't hesitate to treat themselves to whatever book they've been longing to read. That's why I created my bookish gift guide, to help you find non-book gifts for book lovers.... Continue Reading →

Book Lovers Gift Guide 2017

Every year, I say the same old thing ... it's nearly impossible to buy books for book lovers as a gift, unless they've specifically told you what books to get them. Because chances are? That book lover has already grabbed whatever read they're eager to devour. (Though we WILL have a guide to some of... Continue Reading →

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