Little Whale by Jo Weaver

A quiet, lovely book about love, family, and the extraordinary journey made every year by grey whales, Little Whale by Jo Weaver is a stunning and sweet new picture book, perfect for any young reader’s collection.

I adored Weaver’s first book, Little One, and her follow-up book is just as lovely. Her beautiful illustrations evoke the majesty, wonder, and expanse of the ocean — and when even a grey whale feels very small, she gives you sense of a vastness of the sea and the world we live in.

The simple story evokes a mother’s love, and the power of family — to call to each other and find each other across thousands of miles.

Little Whale is a beautiful book, from start to finish. It’s in stores now. Here is the official synopsis:

Little Whale has never seen the cold, rich waters of the north. She and her mother travel from the warm southern ocean, passing coral reefs, kelp forests and shoals of shimmering fish – with her mother guiding her and protecting her all the way home.

With its lyrical storytelling and evocative charcoal drawings shot through with blue, Jo Weaver’s story has the feel of an instant classic, celebrating the tender relationship between parent and child and the majesty of their underwater world. Perfect for fans of BBC’s Blue Planet.


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