This Story is For You by Greg Pizzoli

A celebration of individuality and friendship, This Story is For You by Greg Pizzoli will delight young readers with it’s important reminders that you are the only you, and that true friends see you for you.

The story emphasizes multiple times the uniqueness of YOU — while following a friendship through bonding, separation, and reunion. It touches very simply and beautifully on the power of knowing and being known, and finds the beauty in our individuality.

Kids, meanwhile, will enjoy the repetitive themes, charming illustrations, and approachable themes. This Story is For You is in stores now. Here is the official synopsis:

A simple “It’s nice to know you” holds so much power in this tender picture book by acclaimed author-illustrator Greg Pizzoli. Finding value in others as a matter of course, the narrator accepts and appreciates difference as the foundation of a life-long friendship. This Story Is for You celebrates moments of kindness throughout, from the small to the grand in a heartwarming tale of human connection.

The warm, comforting text shares the tone of a Ruth Krauss classic and is balanced by Greg’s energetic color palette and signature visual humor. This book is sure to be a special read for parents, children, and their friends for years to come.

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