Dinosaurium & Drawn From Nature: Grown-Up Worthy Picture Books

A couple of new picture books from Big Picture Press may hold appeal to older kids eager to learn more about some popular real-life topics – but are so stunning, they’d be equally at home with adults that have no children in sight.

Dinosaurium by Chris Wormell and Lily Murray is, first and foremost, gigantic. I mean literally – at nearly 11″ x 14″ in size, this book is HUGE. It’s also gorgeous.

With artwork from Chris Wormell, this stunningly curated guide to dinosaurs gives readers the experience of a fascinating exhibition from the pages of a beautiful book. Featuring a wonderful range of dinosaurs, from the much-loved triceratops and Tyrannosaurus rex to lesser known species such as coelophysis and tsintaosaurus, Dinosaurium is a fascinating display of the impressive beasts that once ruled the world.

The book features over 100 pages of illustrations and information about dinosaurs (both famous and lesser known). The factoids alone are enough to feed the thirst of any dino-lover, but the book itself is really just a piece of art. The illustrations are absolutely lovely and captivating, and something about the sheer massive size of this book makes the experience of reading it an experience.

While I could see kids in their Dinosaur Phase eagerly devouring every word and image within this book, it could easily find a home on a grown-ups coffee table.

Drawn from Nature by Helen Ahpornsiri moves us out of the prehistoric era and into the world we know today.

Helen Ahpornsiri’s intricate artwork transforms leaves, petals, and seeds into bounding hares, swooping swallows, and blossoming trees. Using nothing but pressed plants, this journey through the seasons captures the wonder and magic of the natural world between the pages of a book. This standout title with beautiful nonfiction text will take readers through an extraordinary year in the wild.

Adults will appreciate the fine artistry and detail that went into each illustration, while kids will be enamored with the fun facts and interactive details that invite them to explore nature on their own.

Ahpornsiri’s illustrations are actually collages made from real pressed flowers and greens. The details in each image are staggering and stunning, so it’s easy to get swept up just studying each image. (An artist’s note at the back of the book offers more details about her incredible process.)

Perfect for readers young and old alike, both of these beautiful books are in stores now.

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