Bat and the Waiting Game by Elana K. Arnold

Another adorable addition to the Bat series! Bat and the Waiting Game by Elana K. Arnold is the follow-up to last year’s A Boy Called Bat, about a young boy on the autism spectrum and the pet skunk that he forms an unlikely bond with.

In the tradition of Clementine and Ramona Quimby, meet Bat. Author Elana K. Arnold returns with another irresistible story of friendship in this widely acclaimed series starring an unforgettable boy on the autism spectrum.

For Bixby Alexander Tam (nicknamed Bat), life is pretty great. He’s the caretaker of the best baby skunk in the world—even Janie, his older sister, is warming up to Thor.

When Janie gets a part in the school play and can’t watch Bat after school, it means some pretty big changes. Someone else has to take care of the skunk kit in the afternoons, Janie is having sleepovers with her new friends, and Bat wants everything to go back to normal.

He just has to make it to the night of Janie’s performance. . . .

In this second outing for Bat, the story focuses on the many ways in which Bat must learn to wait.

I don’t know about you, but I hate waiting — and patience has never been one of my strong suits. Arnold does a wonderful job capturing all the itchiness and discomfort that comes with waiting, along with Bat’s unique personality. The book is filled with a lovingly crafted cast of characters, thoughtful and meaningful messages, and is enhanced perfectly by Charles Santoso’s lovely illustrations.

Like its predecessor, Bat and the Waiting Game is a sweet, charming story featuring a realistic and compassionate portrayal of autism — but also holds within it a deeper story about facing change, learning to be patient, and thinking about others.

Look for this sweet sequel in stores March 27th.



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  1. A Boy Called BAT was one of my favorite middle grades last year. Can’t wait to read this one too.

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