Sara’s Favorite Bookish Candles

So if you’re anything like me, and love following amazing #bookstagram accounts over on Instagram (and you should be following me, too!) – then you’ve probably discovered a new craze in the book community.

Bookish candles.

I confess, I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole and fallen in love with these bookish candles — which combine gorgeous packaging and labels with delightful scents, and all with a bookish flair that represents reading and our favorite books/series/fandoms.

Now, scent is a really objective thing. I tend to prefer more masculine and natural scents. I’m not a big fan of food scents, or anything too fruity/floral (although there are exceptions). So based on MY nose — as well as my buying/customer service experiences — here are my current favorite bookish candles:

1. Rhysand – Flickering Tales

Sarah J. Maas herself said this candle smells just like how she imagined Rhys would smell – like the ocean, with just a hint of citrus. This is my FAVORITE candle scent – I’ve now bought this candle THREE times because I keep burning through them. I also highly recommend burning this while reading ACOTAR, ACOMAF, or ACOWAR for a little extra-sensory reading experience.

Save 10% on any orders from Flickering Tails with my code NOVELNOVICE.

2. Mr. Darcy – Flickering Tales

I have two rules when it comes to buying candles: (1) I must at least think I’ll like the scent before I buy, and (2) I must be a fan of the book/fandom the candle represents.

I broke rule #2 for this candle, and I don’t care because it just smells so damn good. I’ve never been a Pride & Prejudice fan, but this Mr. Darcy candle smells so amazing. I don’t know how else to describe it other than to say it smells like a hot dude. Really.

Save 10% on any orders from Flickering Tails with my code NOVELNOVICE.

3. Suspense – Flickering Tales

This is a new favorite of mine, and is a very light, subtle scent – a little floral, a little outdoorsy, a little mysterious. It’s just very refreshing and unique.

Save 10% on any orders from Flickering Tails with my code NOVELNOVICE.

4. To Whatever End – Icey Designs

This was my first bookish candle crush, and remains one of my favorites – another one I burn constantly. Inspired by the Throne of Glass series, this candle smells like pine trees and snow. It’s woodsy without smelling like a Christmas tree farm. My husband is also a big fan of this scent!

5. Weep – Wick & Fable

I fell in love with Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor when it was published earlier this year – and this candle is just dreamy. It’s another mystical, alluring, refreshing and light scent and I can’t get enough of it. It also began my crush on Wick & Fable candles; I have three more on order that I’m waiting to arrive and several others still on my wish list.

6. #Bookstagram – Flick the Wick

This candle smells like clean laundry – so fresh and light; not to mention the gorgeous blue color. I actually love lighting this one when I’m cleaning house, and have the windows thrown open. It just helps make everything feel fresh and clean again.

7. Rainy Day Reads – Paperly & Co

I’m not sure how she did it, but Jess managed to capture the smell of rain in a candle. It even has hints of wet dirt! This candle is earthy and fresh.

8. Rhysand – Flick the Wick

Yes, this is the 2nd Rhys-inspired candle to make my list. This has similar notes as the one mentioned above, but the citrus is stronger in this one – making for a slightly different experience when burning/smelling it. Also the purple color is quite beautiful.

9. Adventure – Flickering Tales

With a scent described as “forests, fields & campfires,” this candle reminds me of summer camping trips. It smells like the great outdoors, with a touch of smokiness and warmth.

Save 10% on any orders from Flickering Tails with my code NOVELNOVICE.

10. New Adult – Flickering Tales

I don’t normally go for fruity or foodie scents, but the peaches and cream combo that makes up this candle is just delightful. It smells delicious.

Save 10% on any orders from Flickering Tails with my code NOVELNOVICE.


This is far from a comprehensive list, and is based only on the candles I’ve been able to try so far … there are more still being shipped to me, and far more still on my wish list. But these are currently my picks for the top 10, based on my preferred scents and the candles I’ve tried.

So what’s still on my wish list? Well, here are a few high up there:

Maranda is local to me, and her candles are gorgeous – just look at those jars! Those labels! Those colors! I’m excited to try a few of her candles, especially her upcoming (and not yet available) Hogwarts Library candle and Obscurus.

I fell in love with Wick & Fable’s candles after my first order, which included the aforementioned Weep candle and a Great Gatsby candle. I’ve got an order for three more en route to me now, and several more on my wishlist – including several inspired by the ACOTAR and Throne of Glass series.

My friend Ali is in the process of getting ready to launch her candle company, and I can’t wait to try out everything she has to offer!

YES. Obviously I am a fan of this shop, and am proud to currently be a rep for these gorgeous and beautifully scented candles. I have several of her current candles on my wish list, including Classic, Fairy Tale, Pemberly, and Summer Court. I’ve also heard rumblings about a few of the candles Rachael is still developing & I can’t wait until those are all available!

Literally every Court candle in Flick the Wick’s shop is currently on my wishlist, and my friend Brie & I are planning to place an order together within the next two weeks so we can each get all 7 of those beautiful candles. I’m also dreaming over the Cassian and Azriel candles, Neverland, Bibliophile, Niffler, and Newt. Bye, money.

The number one candle from this shop on my wishlist is The Black Pearl, inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean … so, not bookish, but right up my alley. The LA Institute candle inspired by Lady Midnight also sounds amazing.

I’ve been eyeballing a few of this shop’s candles for a while now, but her Strange the Dreamer candles are definitely at the top of my wishlist.

Do I need the May exclusive High Lady candle? Do I intend to buy it before the month is up? Indeed. The Plot Twist candle may also hop into my cart; you never know. She has some new Strange the Dreamer inspired candles that also sound amazing.

For the comments: Have you tried any bookish candles? Tell us YOUR favorites in the comments below!






5 thoughts on “Sara’s Favorite Bookish Candles

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  1. Love this post! I’ve gotten most of my bookish candles in bookish subscription boxes, but I’ve mostly let those non-renew (they tend to include a lot of useless stuff). I like almost all scents, but I’d say ones that smell like “clean” are my favorite …soap, lavendar, etc.
    I don’t burn them *gasp* very often as I usually just get mini sizes to accent books on my shelves, but I do open them and sniff them once in a while. 😉

  2. This is such an awesome post Sara! I love reading your thoughts on all these candles and have definitely added a few more to my list as well!

  3. I’ve fallen far down this rabbit hole too! I can’t get enough. We seem to be opposites on scents though, I love food and fruity scents the most. 🙂 I’m anxious for my Wick&Fable rep package. I’m getting Weep and I’m so excited about it! I also really love FlicktheWicks candles. They smell so good!

    1. Yes, yes, yes! I just got a new order of Wick & Fable candles literally yesterday — and they smell so good! (I got Summer Court, Hello Princeling, and Heronstairs). A friend & I are also gearing up to go in on an order together at Flick the Wick so we can try all their Court candles!

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