Orphan Island by Laurel Snyder: Teacher’s Guide + Blog Tour Contest

Today, we are delighted to be hosting a stop on the official blog tour for Orphan Island by Laurel Snyder – a stunning new middle grade book from our friends at Walden Pond Press. Keep reading to learn more about this book, explore the teacher’s guide, and enter to win a copy.

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On the island, everything is perfect. The sun rises in a sky filled with dancing shapes; the wind, water, and trees shelter and protect those who live there; when the nine children go to sleep in their cabins, it is with full stomachs and joy in their hearts. And only one thing ever changes: on that day, each year, when a boat appears from the mist upon the ocean carrying one young child to join them—and taking the eldest one away, never to be seen again.

Today’s Changing is no different. The boat arrives, taking away Jinny’s best friend, Deen, replacing him with a new little girl named Ess, and leaving Jinny as the new Elder. Jinny knows her responsibility now—to teach Ess everything she needs to know about the island, to keep things as they’ve always been. But will she be ready for the inevitable day when the boat will come back—and take her away forever from the only home she’s known?

In Stores May 30th

Laurel Snyder is a poet, essayist, and author of picture books and novels for children, including Orphan Island, Charlie and Mouse, Bigger than a Bread Box, and Swan, the Life and Dance of Anna Pavlova. She is also a graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, and a faculty member of Hamline University’s MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults. She lives in Atlanta with her family and can be found online at www.laurelsnyder.com.

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Thanks to our friends at Walden Pond Press, we’re giving away a finished copy of Orphan Island. To enter, tell us in the comments below the scariest thing about leaving home. Then complete the Rafflecopter form here to complete your entry & earn more chances to win.

Contest is open to the U.S. only, and runs through midnight (PT) on Thursday, May 25th.

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24 thoughts on “Orphan Island by Laurel Snyder: Teacher’s Guide + Blog Tour Contest

Add yours

  1. Hello, For me, the scariest part of leaving home, is the feeling of aloneness!
    I was the youngest, with a much older brother and sister. My sister and I shared a bed, and when she got married, I couldn’t sleep alone for a very long time!
    Thanks, Cindi

  2. The scariest thing about leaving home is driving with aggressive drivers on the freeway.

  3. Thanks so much for this lovely post! (

    and just because it’s fun to answer– I think when I was 12, the scariest thing about leaving home was worrying about finding nice people in the new place. I worried a lot about being liked, which now seems silly, but that’s who I was)

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