Read Together/Do Together Series Spotlight

Today, we’re turning the spotlight on a new series of children’s books that are both interactive, and customized to your own home state! The Read Together/Do Together™ series are written by award-winning author Kate B. Jerome.

Lucky to Live in … Series

Each Lucky to Live in… book in the 41-book series is a cross between a storybook and a memory book. Read-aloud rhymes and fill-in the blank prompts are designed to capture a child’s story—customized to the state or region where the child lives.

The real gift lies in the book’s interactive nature as each spread offers the perfect opportunity for adults to share their own stories (and wisdom) about such issues as friendship, community, team spirit and more. These topics encourage conversations that are important to children’s social and emotional development.

By combining storytelling with local interest and information, the Lucky to Live in… books prompt discussions of sense of self and place, connection to nature, discovery and exploration and pride in where children live. There’s even an activity guide at the end of each book to help create a personalized time capsule!

The states covered can be viewed here.

32 pp | picture book | $16.99 | hardcover | available now

The Wise Animal Handbook Series

Each Wise Animal Handbook features engaging color photos of animals in humorous situations, while read-aloud rhymes open the door for meaningful conversations about everything from honesty and grit to perseverance and play. Pull-out coloring pages in the back of the book provide an extra educational boost and an opportunity to keep the conversations going about familiar animals in a child’s own state or region. The full list includes 41 titles plus the national edition.

The states covered can be viewed here.

32 pp | picture book | $16.99 | hardcover | pull-out coloring pages

Learn more about the series here.


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