Doctor Who + Roger Hargreaves Series

If time feels a little wibbly-wobbly this morning, that’s because the TARDIS has landed here at Novel Novice — with a batch of four new, adorable books featuring Doctor Who, and inspired by the beloved Mister Men and Little Miss books by Roger Hargreaves.

This new series of Doctor Who books, written and illustrated by Hargreaves’ son Adam, features beloved characters from the TV series — told in the simple story and illustration format first originated in the Mister Men and Little Miss books.

The first four books were just released this week and include: Dr. First, Dr. Fourth, Dr. Eleventh, and Dr. Twelfth — with more expected to be released later this year! (Upcoming releases include incarnations of the second, seventh, eighth, and ninth doctors … let’s hope Ten makes an appearance soon, too!)

Besides each book featuring one of the iconic Doctors — and their distinct personality quirks — notable companions and enemies are featured in each volume: Daleks, Cybermen, the Master, River Song, and more. Young kids may not get all of the Doctor Who references, but the stories are simple enough for them to follow along — while adults who cherish the series are sure to get a kick out of all the references to this beloved TV series!

These books are so charming and witty, and would be perfectly at home on a child’s bookshelf as much as in a Doctor Who fan’s collection. Look for all four of these great books in stores now — and keep your eyes peeled for more titles in the series soon!

Thanks to Penguin for providing these review copies!






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