Baby-Boo, I Love You by Sheryl Haft & Illus. by Jane Massey

Just in time for Mother’s Day comes a new picture book that celebrates all the things a mother (or any parent) does, and the way a young child perceives these things.

Little ones love playing with their dolls! Celebrate that love with Baby-Boo, I Love You, and follow one imaginative little girl who adores playing mommy. And as she bathes, feeds, and frolics with her doll, she emulates a nurturing parent-child relationship, showing the universal joys of being cared for and cherished.

Sheryl Haft’s delightful text and Jane Massey’s endearing illustrations make this a wonderful read-aloud for every child with a favorite doll or stuffed toy, and a reminder of their own parents’ never-ending love.

Baby-Boo, I Love You by Sheryl Haft & illustrated by Jane Massey follows one little girl who loves to play “mommy” to her baby doll – clearly mimicking all the little ways in which her own parents shows her love.

The book really hones in on those basic, little, daily ways parents show their love: being there when they wake up, preparing meals, keeping them dry from the rain, making time to play with them, etc. And when the girl in the book does those same things for her doll, she shows just how much she has picked up on these little loves.

A fun book for read-aloud or bedtime — or the perfect gift for a new mom (or mom-to-be) — Baby-Boo, I Love You is in stores on May 2nd.

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