Fatal Option by Chris Beakey: New Book Spotlight + Contest

Today, we’re featuring a new thriller that hit store shelves last week, Fatal Option by Chris Beakey — and while this is an adult title, the plot revolves around a teenage character, and thus may hold some crossover appeal to YA readers. Keep reading to learn more and for your chance to win one of two finished copies of this book!

On the coldest night of the year, Stephen Porter is pulled from a restless sleep by a midnight phone call. His 17-year-old daughter Sara is stranded in a blizzard near the top of a mountain beyond their suburban home. She’s terrified and unable to stop crying as she begs him to come to her rescue.

Unfortunately Stephen went to bed just an hour before after a night of binge drinking. With his blurred vision and unsteady balance he knows it’s dangerously irresponsible to get behind the wheel. But he heads out into the snowstorm to bring Sara home.

High school teacher Kieran O’Shea is also behind the wheel, searching for his autistic younger brother Aidan, who is wandering aimlessly through the storm on that same mountain. Kieran is also terrified—of the voices in his mind, of the possibility that Aidan will be taken from him, and of the certainty that he will soon be arrested for murdering three women.

In a matter of minutes Stephen will encounter Kieran and drive headlong into a collision that will force him to unlock the secret of his wife’s death, avoid prosecution, and protect his children from violence that hits all too close to home.

Chris Beakey tells stories of good people caught in bad places. He writes fiction from his homes in Washington, D.C. and Lewes, Delaware, as well as nonfiction as a ghostwriter for an organization that promotes bipartisan policies that strengthen the nation through smart investments in youth. His first, novel, Double Abduction, was a finalist for the Lambda Literary Award.

Connect with Chris Beakey on his website.

We are giving away two finished hardcovers of Fatal Option. Contest is open to the U.S. only and runs through midnight (PT) on Wednesday, March 8th. To enter, tell us in the comments why you love thrillers, then complete the Rafflecopter form for more chances to win.

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6 thoughts on “Fatal Option by Chris Beakey: New Book Spotlight + Contest

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  1. I love to read thrillers because they keep me reading. I just can’t find a good place to stop when so much is at stake.

  2. I like the pacing of a good thriller. If it moves right along and keeps me engaged it feels like being at a really good movie.

  3. Thrillers are the books i finish faster than any other read; fast-paced thrill rides are the best!

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