Top 6 Bookish Gifts to Give (or Get)

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Thanksgiving is just a couple days away — ooooh, I can’t wait! — and that means Christmas is lurking right around the corner. So of course holiday shopping is top of mind, as we think about all the wonderful gifts we’d like to give — and receive — this holiday season.

Rather than a traditional shopping guide like we’ve done in years past, this year we’ve got a list of the top 6 bookish gifts to give or receive this holiday season.

6. Bookish Candles


I must confess, I actually don’t currently own any bookish candles — but the bookstagrammers I follow on Instagram tell me that they are a thing one should have. Some of the shops I’ve seen most highly recommended are Scent Pop Candle Co, The Melting Library, Novelly Yours, Frostbeard, and In the Wick of Time. The one thing all these candles have in common are that their scents (and names) are inspired by books! I also really like the candles from the Library Collection at

5. Text-Based Artwork


The designs at Litographs and PosterText are inspired — artwork created using the text of actual books. So clever, so cool looking, and such a fun conversation starter. I have one of the Wind in the Willows prints, and it always gets people talking. Use your gift recipient’s favorite book as inspiration for choosing a print they will cherish.

4. Socks from Out of Print Clothing


Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of the products from Out of Print Clothing — everything they make is delightfully bookish and the products themselves are of a really excellent quality. But it’s their socks, in particular, that have my heart. They are so comfy, so cute, and the perfect addition to any #SockSunday photo op.

3. A Scarf from Storiarts


I loooove the scarves from Storiarts, a Portland, OR-based shop that specializes in literary scarves and matching accessories. The fingerless gloves and baby items are super cute, but the scarves are just the bees knees. I haven’t tried the warm-weather scarves yet, but the regular scarves are SUPER cozy and comfy and you just can’t beat the original screen-printed designs that feature the text from some of your favorite classics. I’ve now got three of them (Sherlock Holmes, P&P, and my latest pride and joy, Hamlet).

2. Journal & Pencils from Icey Designs

icey designs hp pencils

I’m obsessed with the goodies from Icey Designs, created by fellow book blogger Hafsah. Her designs are simply gorgeous, and the quality of her products is just top notch. The coolest part is that you can customize the “guts” of your journal — choosing from options like blank, lined, or dotted pages. There are even calendar/planner options. I live and die by the “to do list” insert on her journals (I use one to keep track of my blog posts every week), and my only “complaint” is that it’s SO HARD to choose which cover design I want when I go to order.

But I’m also addicted to her pencils. First of all, the catchy sayings on each pencil — usually sold in themed sets — are so fun. She has pencils for book lovers, for writers, and for assorted fandoms. But aesthetics aside — because they’re wonderful — they’re also just a really great quality. The pencils write so smoothly, sharpen easily, and the erasers work beautifully. (I know these seems small, but I can’t tell you how annoying it is when your pencil eraser doesn’t work!)

1. Book Store Gift Cards


Whether it’s to your local indie book store, a chain store like Barnes & Noble, or even Amazon, a gift card that you can use to purchase books is always a good idea. There’s no such thing as too many books, right?



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