Junk Re-Thunk by Brian Yanish

A guide book for finding creative uses for common trash, Junk Re-Thunk by Brian Yanish is the kind of book my younger self would have LOVED.

junk re-thunkWelcome to Scrap City, home of an inventive tribe of creatures called ScrapKins. Using materials that people throw away (empty soda bottles and cans, milk cartons, cereal boxes, and bottlecaps) these creatures make new things that are useful—the ultimate recyclers.

With character profiles of the ScrapKins and instructions to make all kinds of puppets, instruments, and toys out of everyday items, this activity book (also featuring mazes, word scrambles, and comics) fosters creativity and encourages eco-friendliness.

Featuring over 20 projects — as well as fun puzzles and games interspersed throughout — Junk Re-Thunk is designed to do just that: help kids re-think the stuff they throw away on a regular basis. Each of the projects in Yanish’s book use common items: cardboard paper towel and toilet paper tubes, empty cereal boxes and milk cartons, plastic bottles, plastic bags, etc.

Using these common “junk” materials — and simple tools like glue, string, and tape — Yanish shows young crafters how to create all sorts of fun things. Projects include puppets and race cars and treasure chests, and an assortment of other toys and goodies.

What’s more rewarding than Yanish’s actual projects is how Junk Re-Thunk will inspire kids to come up with their own projects. Once they start seeing the potential in common “trash” items, kids will have no problem dreaming up even more grand ideas for recycling and reusing the “junk” they see around them everyday.

Junk Re-Thunk is in stores March 29th.


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