How to Mend a Heart by Sara Gillingham

Just in time for Valentine’s Day comes the perfect book about love and healing after heartbreak to share with young readers.

how to mend a heartA charming arts-and-crafts approach to dealing with first moments of heartbreak. Be it caused by a lost pet, a friend’s moving away, or even simple childhood injustice, Sara Gillingham (How to Grow a Friend) understands the gentle touch needed to soothe a sore heart. Her fresh and whimsical design makes an enticing vehicle for her advice.

How to Mend a Heart by Sara Gillingham follows one young boy as he literally mends a broken animal — a plush elephant. But through simple phrases and beautifully sweet illustration, Gillingham demonstrates something much more significant than just repairing a plush toy.

Simple acts of sewing and crafting serve as representatives of the healing required after a broken heart: gentle hands, the right tools, lots of patches, thread, a helping hand …

Gillingham even illustrates that not every heart an be repaired the same way; and that sometimes,a  heart can be broken more than once, and in different ways. But the ultimate message of the book is uplifting: that there are always ways to mend a heart, and that the heart is stronger for all those stitches and patches.

How to Mend a Heart is in stores now.


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