Cat Nap by Toni Yuly

The nap time struggle is real. Not just the struggle to get your little ones down for a nap; but getting them to nap so you can nap, too.

cat napJust ask any new parent.

The parent’s on-going quest for sleep is chronicled sweetly and humorously in Cat Nap by Toni Yuly, as Cat and Kitten play a game of hide-and-seek — when all Cat really wants to do is take a little snooze.

The book is perfect for reading aloud to your little ones — toddlers can help find Cat on each page, and the little mouse that follows the hide-and-seek adventures. And perhaps this story of a cat in search of nap time will inspire your kiddos to do just that: NAP!

Cat Nap is in stores tomorrow. Here is the official synopsis:

When Cat agrees to play hide-and-seek with Kitten, he underestimates his relentless opponent. It’s noon: time for drowsy Cat’s nap, but curious Kitten has other ideas and suggests they play hide-and-seek. Initially Cat hides high atop a bookcase, but Kitten finds him. Next, Cat hides low, under a bed. Again, Kitten finds him. Cat tries hiding in the dark basement, but he’s exposed when wily Kitten turns on the light. Everywhere (a box, a bag, a hammock, a flower pot, a flower garden, and more) Cat hides, Kitten always finds him–even when the younger feline just gives up and tries to take her own nap.

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