Bunny Dreams by Peter McCarty: Novel Novice Junior Book Review

A bedtime story filled with charming imagination, sweet illustrations, and fluffy bunnies. Move over counting sheep — the bunny dreamers are taking over.

bunny dreamsBunny Dreams by Peter McCarty is the stuff bedtime books were meant to be: the illustrations are perfectly sweet, and the story filled with wild imagination. There’s a simple magic to these little bunnies and the things they dream about: the alphabet and numbers and writing their names and flying through the sky.

The book is ideal for infants and toddlers, as well as kids just starting to learn to read. The prose is lovely and elegant, but simple enough for beginning readers to tackle.

Bunny Dreams is really just a lovely book, and I am eager to share this one with my 6-month-old niece very soon. She’s just old enough that a book will engage her interest — and the soothing story and images are perfect even at such a young age.

Bunny Dreams is in stores now. Here is the official synopsis:

In bunny dreams, anything can happen. A bunny might know the ABCs, or count by 1-2-3s. A bunny might find the perfect carrot. A bunny might hop, hop, hop . . . or even fly!
But every bunny needs a cozy place to rest.
This is the perfect bedtime book for bunnies everywhere.

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