Star Wars Epic Yarns by Jack and Holman Wang

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Today’s Novel Novice Junior picture book review features a trilogy of board books perfect for introducing your littlest Padawans to the Star Wars galaxy just in time for the theatrical release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens later this month.

star wars - a new hopeWe’re talking, of course, about Star Wars: Epic Yarns — board book adaptations of the original Star Wars trilogy for children, even toddlers and infants. The books come from Jack and Holman Wang, the brother duo behind the fantastic Cozy Classics series. Much like those books, Star Wars: Epic Yarns retells each of the original three Star Wars movies in just twelve words. Each single word is accompanied by a stunning image created by the Wang brothers using hand-felted characters and custom-build set pieces.

star wars - empire strikes backAs noted in their behind-the-scenes video, EVERYTHING you see in Star Wars: Epic Yarns was captured in camera, with the only exceptions being the light sabers and the Emperor’s lightning. Each image is just beautiful and oh-so-charming. It’s delightful for adults to see how the Wang brothers have recreated such iconic scenes form the original Star Wars movies using their felted characters and hand-made set pieces.

star wars - return of the jediAnd it’s especially a charming way to start introducing your littlest children to the Star Wars series. It’s also great for older kids to share something they love with younger siblings. At Thanksgiving recently, my six-year-old nephew — who is currently obsessed with Star Wars — was able to read these to his four-month-old sister. It was such a special moment for them to share together!

All three books in Star Wars: Epic Yarns are currently available in stores and online. Here’s hoping the Wang brothers have even more adventures in store! Also don’t miss their delightful Cozy Classics series for more baby-friendly adaptations of classic novels.

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