Dawn Ius: “Where I Write”

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Today, we have another great guest post from Anne & Henry author Dawn Ius. Today, Dawn stops by to talk about where she writes!

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my cabin1As with most writers, I’m often found cramming in writing time during lunch breaks at the day job, first thing in the morning while I’m waiting for coffee to brew, or late into the night. I’ve written everywhere from campgrounds at picnic tables while my husband fishes, on a crowded airplane, and in line at the bank to on the steps of the local lacrosse arena.

But by far, my favorite writing spot is in the “cabin” my husband (a carpenter) Roarkebuilt for me when my agent sold ANNE & HENRY. It’s about the size of a garden shed, finished in cedar, insulated (because winters in Alberta are COLD, yo!), and plunked in our small backyard under a tree, giving me the illusion I’m out in the wilderness slaying fictional words without mercy. My English Mastiff, Roarke, lays at my feet or at the red door, until the postman walks by, shredding my illusion of tranquility.

my cabin2In my cabin, I have a small reading bench, a giant whiteboard, a comfortable chair, and a small glass desk that is almost always cluttered. My must-have items include an hourglass (to keep me off the internet), a small replica of a 1967 Shelby GT 500 Mustang (my dream car), a thesaurus, pens and pencils!, fresh flowers, and a jar of candy—usually gummy bears.

I know. I am super spoiled.



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