The Official Anne & Henry Playlist

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When I asked Anne & Henry author Dawn Ius if she had a playlist for the book, I didn’t know what to expect.

But I can safely say … I am OBSESSED with this playlist. Not only is it a pretty rad mix of music (which I may or may not have been playing endlessly while working for the past two weeks … just kidding, I totally have) — but it’s also a great representation of the emotions and drama of Anne & Henry.

anne and henryCheck out the list of tunes below, and then listen obsessively yourself HERE!

  1. PARADE OF LIGHTS — Flash Of Light
  2. Lorde — Tennis Court
  3. Pale. — Too Much
  4. battleme — Shoot the Noise, Man
  5. NONONOofficial — Like The Wind
  6. Lorde — The Love Club
  7. Imagine Dragons – Tiptoe
  8. London Grammar — Hey Now
  9. Imagine Dragons – Bleeding Out
  10. Cub Sport — Told You So
  11. julijamoon — 145256 As I Moved On Run Jeremy Band Mix feat Trentemoller Buda
  12. AWOLNATION — Sail
  13. Mimie la Louveuse — Marilyn manson Tainted Love
  14. musicarmichael — Die Young (Ft. Cyndi Lauper)

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