Dawn Ius: “Seeing My Cover for the First Time”

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Today we have the first of two great guest posts from Anne & Henry author Dawn Ius as part of our Book of the Month feature. Today, Dawn talks about seeing the GORGEOUS cover of Anne & Henry for the first time!

*          *          *

anne and henryOh my goodness. Is she…?

No. She can’t be…

* blink blink blink *

She is! Oh my gosh. Anne Boleyn is biting Henry Tudor’s freaking cheek. EVERYONE! ANNE BOLEYN IS BITING HENRY’S CHEEK!!!!

That’s so—gasp—


That’s the conversation that went through my head (because I was sworn to secrecy) when I saw the MOCK UP of the cover for ANNE & HENRY, let alone the finished product, which is, in my humble opinion, gorgeous. The incredible designer, Regina Flath, absolutely captured Anne’s essence.

DawnEveryone always says, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” but in reality, it’s natural to do so. I told myself it didn’t matter, that I’d love ANY cover because I was going to be published by Simon & Schuster in hard cover and wasn’t that enough of my wildest dreams coming true? But when I opened my email and saw Regina’s work, I realized that no, it wasn’t enough—I needed this. This beautiful image staring back at me.

My husband and I have literally celebrated every step of this journey with (cheap) champagne—from signing with my awesome agent Mandy Hubbard, to turning in my final MS, to receiving my ARCs and everything inbetween.

You can bet I absolutely celebrated this cover with champagne


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