Out of the Woods by Rebecca Bond

Out of the Woods by Rebecca Bond is a simple but remarkable tale about one boy’s extraordinary experience one summer in 1914.

out of the woodsAntonio Willie Giroux lived in a hotel his mother ran on the edge of a lake. He loved to explore the woods and look for animals, but they always remained hidden away. One hot, dry summer, when Antonio was almost five, disaster struck: a fire rushed through the forest. Everyone ran to the lake-the only safe place in town-and stood knee-deep in water as they watched the fire. Then, slowly, animals emerged from their forest home and joined the people in the water. Miraculously, the hotel did not burn down, and the animals rebuilt their homes in the forest-but Antonio never forgot the time when he watched the distance between people and animals disappear.

Based on the true story of her grandfather, Bond brings the encounter to life with her simple, yet beautiful illustrations. These drawings are what really make the story come alive. The tonal quality of each illustration harkens back to the early 1900s, when the story takes place, and helps transport the reader back to an older, simpler time.

The story of what happened to Bond’s grandfather as a boy is truly remarkable — the kind of memorable story that gets passed down from generation to generation, and what a treat that Bond has been able to immortalize this story and share it with readers far and wide. Not only is it a touching story, but it reminded me of the simple little stories passed down in my family, and makes me think on them in a whole new light.

Out of the Woods is in stores now.

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