Little Bird’s Bad Word by Jacob Grant

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It’s something every parent dreads: when your kiddo learns a bad word from you, and proceeds to share that word with everyone they meet. That’s the charming premise behind Jacob Grant’s adorable new picture book, Little Bird’s Bad Word.

little bird's bad wordLittle Bird is excited to share a new word with his friends. But as he finds out, that word isn’t so nice.

Little Bird learned a new word! He loves it so much that he’s bursting to share it with all of his friends.


The only problem is, this isn’t a very nice word. Little Bird doesn’t realize it, but this word might even hurt someone’s feelings. What word will Little Bird learn to make things better?

The story is simple enough — but entirely relatable. Not only will parents get a good chuckle out of the situation, but it’s a good book to use to teach kids that sometimes grown-ups say bad words, and that those words can be hurtful. It’s a sweet way to get that message across before kids pick up those bad words … and a good way to open up a discussion about the topic in the event your kid does repeat some four-letter words in public.

And though Grant’s story is simple — it’s his charming illustrations that really bring the emotions to life, as you can see and feel the expressions on each character’s face as they react to Little Bird’s expletive.

Little Bird’s Bad Word is in stores July 21st.

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