The Skunk by Mac Barnett, Illus. By Patrick McDonnell

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A smart and funny story about one man, and the skunk that mysteriously follows him awaits readers within the pages of The Skunk by Mac Barnett, illustrated by Patrick McDonnell.

skunk, theThe art and words go hand-in-hand to tell this madcap adventure, as one man tries to outrun the skunk following him — and try and figure out why the skunk is following him in the first place!

The story is ridiculous and silly and absolutely adorable. I’ve long been a fan of Barnett’s books, with his clever sense of humor and amusing turn of phrase. His storytelling combines wonderfully with McDonnell’s illustrations — which bring this oddball story to life in vivid, yet simple detail. The black, white & red color scheme used for most of the book is particularly effective.

The Skunk is in stores April 14th. Here is the official synopsis:

When a skunk first appears in the tuxedoed man’s doorway, it’s a strange but possibly harmless occurrence. But then the man finds the skunk following him, and the unlikely pair embark on an increasingly frantic chase through the city, from the streets to the opera house to the fairground. What does the skunk want? It’s not clear—but soon the man has bought a new house in a new neighborhood to escape the little creature’s attention, only to find himself missing something. . .

This slyly hilarious tale brings together picture book talents Mac Barnett and Patrick McDonnell for the first time.

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