My Secret Guide to Paris: 5 Drool-Worthy French Treats

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Aside from its landmarks & iconic museums, its fashion and culture, something Paris is incredibly well-known for is its food. And I love food. Who doesn’t love food? So today’s post, in honor of My Secret Guide to Paris by Lisa Schroeder, is dedicated to five of the most drool-worthy French treats we could find.


There is something so deliciously enticing about the smell of a freshly-baked baguette. I love the crunch of the crust, and the soft fluffiness of the inside. Honestly, I could devour an entire baguette all by myself. They’re so delicious!


These buttery, flaky pastries are one of my favorites. A French bakery here in Portland, Saint Honore, makes my favorites. They are perfectly crispy on the outside and so light and fluffy inside.


These colorful meringue-based sandwich cookies come in all manner of flavors, and are filled with ganache, jam, or buttercream.


For a decadent dessert, try profiteroles – light puff pastries filled with custard, whipped cream, or ice cream. They often come dusted in powdered sugar, and/or drizzled in chocolate or caramel sauce.


This is another puff pastry, which is filled with whipped cream, or a flavored custard, and then covered in icing.

For the comments: What are your favorite French treats?

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