Max’s Math by Kate Banks, & illus. by Boris Kulikov

max's mathMath is made fun and accessible within the pages of Max’s Math by Kate Banks, illustrated by Boris Kulikov.

Max and his two brothers hop into a car and go looking for problems they can solve. They cruise down highway number 4 on their way to Shapeville, but they see an abandoned number along the way. Is it a 6? Is it a 9? And what’s it doing on the side of the road? Once the trio reach Shapeville, there’s another problem: a flood washed away all of the squares. Max and his brothers show the town that putting together two triangles will bring their shapes back together, and then they follow the residents on a trip to Count Town, where they put the missing number back in its place in the countdown to a rocket’s blastoff.

Words and illustrations work in tandem to bring numbers, shapes, and other mathematical wonders to life in a fun story that is easily accessible to young readers.

Even as an adult, I’ve never been a big numbers person — but Max’s Math puts math into the context of a story, making it much more easily to grasp. But the prose alone isn’t what really brings the math to life in a fun, easy to understand manner — it’s Banks’ story in combination with Kulikov’s illustrations that make the story — and the math — sing and come alive.

Max’s Math is in stores March 10th.

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