Claudia Gray: A Thousand Pieces of You Q&A Part 3

Today, we’ve got part 2 our exclusive Q&A with A Thousand Pieces of You author Claudia Gray. Thanks for taking the to chat with us, Claudia. Readers – if you missed it, check out part 1 here and part 2 here. Today, it’s time for FLASH QUESTIONS!

Claudia GrayFavorite decade?

Depends on what for? Pop music? The 1980s. The amount of fun I’m having? Toss up between the 1990s and now. For fashion? … wow, I hope we haven’t seen that decade yet. I hope that one is still to come.

Must-have writing snack?

Bananas. NOM NOM NOM.

Favorite Disney movie? 

“Tangled,” as anyone who follows my Tumblr can attest.

The beach or the mountains?

The mountains — I prefer cool weather to heat. Also, beaches tend to get crowded; you can have some privacy in the mountains.

Song that can always get you dancing? 

Oh, God, it’s “Call Me Maybe.” Tell no one.

Name 5 things currently on your desk (or in your writing space), and share a photo, if possible.

1) A lamp shaped like a pug that is more attractive than you are currently imagining it, I promise.

2) My iMac, which now functions less as a computer and more as a stereo and a Netflix-viewing device.

3) The speaker system for the iMac. (See stereo mention above.)

4) Some glass vases, which aren’t there to hold anything, just to serve as decoration. I felt sort of impractical when I bought them, but IMHO they look great. (And when you work at home, it’s important to enjoy your workspace! Otherwise, the couch gets to looking too attractive — or maybe the bed — )

5) A candle from Fandlemonium, which is Harry Potter-scented. No, really! He smells delicious!

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