June 2014 Contest Winners

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I hope everyone (in the U.S. at least) had a safe and happy 4th of July! Now that the fireworks have fizzled, I thought I’d announce the winners from our most recent contests that took place throughout the end of May and all of June. Be sure to check out our latest on-going contests here, too!

What the Sleepy Animals Do at the Audubon Zoo Contest

what the sleepy animals do
As part of our new Novel Novice Junior feature, we reviewed this adorable picture book, and then offered up a signed copy to one lucky winner.

The winner is Christina Sapyta.

The Body in the Woods by April Henry – Contest

To celebrate the release of April Henry’s newest teen thriller, we offered up one copy of The Body in the Woods plus a rescue whistle to one lucky winner. That winner is Carl Scott.

The Mortal Instruments Final Blog Tour Contest

city of heavenly fire
To mark the end of the Mortal Instruments series, we took part in a blog tour and Q&A with author Cassandra Clare. The winner of this contest will receive a Mortal Instruments hoodie and a signed copy of City of Ashes.

The winner is Anna Lee.

The Hero’s Guide to Being an Outlaw by Christopher Healy – Contest

hero's guide 3
The winner of this contest will receive a signed copy of The Hero’s Guide to Being an Outlaw, the third and final book in Christopher Healy’s hilarious middle grade series.

The winner is Katherine Ivan.

City of Heavenly Fire Release Week Contest

To celebrate the release of City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare, the final book in The Mortal Instruments series, we offered up a Mortal Instruments hoodie and a boxed set of all six books.

The winner is Gina – Insatiable Reader.

The Lost by Sarah Beth Durst Giveaway

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For this contest, we asked you to tell us something you lose all the time — and one winner will receive The Lost by Sarah Beth Durst.

The winner is Missy Brooks.

Sherlock Prints from OutNerdMe

sherlock print-watson sherlock print-sherlock sherlock print-moriarty

In our second partnership with OutNerdMe, we offered up two sets of prints inspired by the BBC show Sherlock.

The winner of three posts — one each of Sherlock, Watson and Moriarty — is Lizabeth Engelmeier

The winner of a Sherlock print and a Moriarty print is Camilla Dean. 

The Stepsister’s Tale Another POV Writing Contest

june2014 stepsister's tale botm banner
For this contest, we asked you to imagine a classic story from the villain’s perspective, and consider how the story might be different if told from their POV. The winner will receive a copy of The Stepsister’s Tale by Tracy Barrett, courtesy of Harlequin Teen.

I had SO much fun reading the entries for this contest — you guys rock! The winner is Stephanie Parke, and here is her take on the Medusa Myth:

The Monster inside Me

The air is damp and putrid. The smell of rotting flesh is everywhere and I gag. Those not lucky enough to meet their fate at my hands are quickly devoured by my sisters. At least I am not so blood thirsty that I eat human flesh, thank the gods for that much. I am the only one of the three of us to be cursed with mortality but I am the one everyone fears. I catch a glimpse of myself in the metal of a fallen warrior’s shield and I can’t help stopping, unable to glance away. Not that I am vain, but it surprises me that I am still beautiful. Despite the snakes where my black hair used to be, and the way my eyes now flash red when I’m angry, I’m still pretty. It doesn’t hurt that I can glamour most people into not seeing the snakes and my eyes, at least until it’s too late. I begin to run, out of the crumbling temple, away from all the death. I wish I could escape myself.

The night air is cold and I can’t help but shiver. I can’t see him coming but my ears hear him. I quickly run my hand over my hair, glamoring the snakes away. I bite my lip and wait, I don’t want him to know yet what I have been made into, but I know I cannot keep my secret much longer. Every moment he’s with me is among the happiest of my life, yet the hardest because at any time he could find out my secret.

Perseus has been assigned the task of killing the monster, yet he doesn’t know that he is looking for me. He doesn’t know that when he looks into my green eyes that he will one day come to kill me because it is his duty.

I grip the wall of the temple, covered in moss from the time that has passed since its construction and pray to whatever gods will still hear me that I can find a way out of this. No one has answered my prayers so far and I have killed so many thanks to Athena’s jealous curse.

I didn’t want to, but the monster that lives inside me, the gorgon, takes over and before I know it they are all frozen before me, a perfect garden of stone. My heart hurts as he turns the corner and I try to smile, but I can feel the smile fall when he pulls his golden helm in place and holds his shield up, a wall between us, no words need to be said, he knows.
The day I fear most has come and I am almost thankful for it. I release my glamour and embrace my death, at least it will come at the hands of the man I love and his face will be the last I see before I fade forever.

Congrats to all our winners! For the Sherlock prints, please be patient as I work to ship them out (along with other prizes from May, which I STILL need to take to the post office — I know, I know.) The other prizes will be mailed out by much more prompt people than myself!

Be sure to check out our current on-going contests here!

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  1. I am so happy to have won this contest from the stepsisters tale. I cant wait to read it and to get by dangerous creatures prize pack. Thanks so much for all the great contests.

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