The Best of Exile by Kevin Emerson

Today marks the end of our Book of the Month feature on Exile by Kevin Emerson. But before we sign off, let’s take a look back at this month’s highlights:

Exile KCEmersonMusic Video Writing (or Video-Making) Contest

Listen to all three of the songs from Exile here, then pick one to create a music video for. Submit your music video plans in the form of a mini screenplay/synopsis – describe what the video would entail, and how it would look. Please keep your description between 250-500 words. ***OR*** Create an actual music video, and send us the link to the YouTube or Vimeo video.

Send us your written or video entries using the EXILE Music Video Contest Entry Form.

Rock ‘N’ Roll

We had lots of great music-related posts for Exile. Here are our favorites:

More from Kevin Emerson

Check out our Q&A with Kevin, plus check out his other books:

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