The Music from Exile by Kevin Emerson: A Review


So you may be wondering about the music that goes along with Kevin’s NEW book “Exile” which I reviewed a few days ago.  I am here to give you my thoughts from back when I FIRST heard these amazing songs.

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Since I was sworn to secrecy when I was granted acces to listen to the songs recorded for Exile I listened to them constantly but didn’t talk to anyone about them.  Otherwise I probably wouldn’t have shut up about them. I think you will find yourself, like me, listening to the music by Dangerheart and singing along. There were definitely times I’ve killed my phone battery because I was listening to them on the bus, at work, at home, umm…did I miss a place?


Yeah I love these songs by Dangerheart that much.  They go along with the story beautifully and you would be crazy not to listen to them.So without further ado here are the songs for you to hear along with my thoughts which were jotted down as I heard the songs for the first time. (I did edit out spoilers)

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On My Sleeve (studio version) – Dangerheart

When I was sent these songs, I have to say after listening to all the songs 4 or 5 times this became my favorite.
I lost my breath at one point. I didn’t expect to.
I love all the instrumentation.
This is an easy song to sing along I do…sing to this song all the time even when not listening to the music.
I can totally picture the characters of Exile book singing this song. It’s definitely a song I would have sang in high school, if you know, I were part of a band.

Catch Me (studio version) – Caleb with Dangerheart

Second favorite song
I picture myself in a club. Course now I want to GO to a club..RIGHT NOW
It’s fun to hear Val’s attitude
Loved the instrumental at the end

Exile, Summer Soho Version (Eli’s band demo)

Has a completely different feel to it then the first two songs which makes sense since its Eli’s song.  I can picture this scene from the book where Caleb sings this and imagine his facial expressions.

Have you pre-ordered the Audio Book of Exile?  If so, you will have the amazing luck to listen to the following two songs. So…really you have no excuse now NOT to order the Audio Book because these songs are so special.

On My Sleeve (first Band Practice) – For the Audiobook

Wearing really good headphones keeps the bass and noise in the background really visible in the song so I can imagine being in the practice space the whole time.
I love the external extra bits that were included in this song which lands me smack dab in the practice space with Summer sitting there trying to form words.

Exile: Eli’s bathroom demo

I feel bereft when Eli rubs his finger on the string at the end.  Am I the only one who notices the rub of strings?  It always stands out to me as something special.

Overall: I don’t know what I expected the music to sound like but I was definitely surprised. I really enjoy all the songs. It’s awesome that I feel as though I am at the locations for two of the songs. The songs are perfect for a high school band who is quite talented. The songs are perfect to accompaniment to Exile.  Kevin Emerson really threw down the gauntlet with this entire selection of music to match his book and I can’t wait to see what’s next.


Kevin Emerson - Author Photo - ResizedCheck out Kevin Emerson online: Website, Twitter, Facebook, and find ALL of his amazing books on Goodreads!

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