Passionaries by Tonya Hurley

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One would hope that if you are visiting our review for ‘Passionaries’ (The Blessed #2) by Tonya Hurley you have read ‘Precious Blood’ (The Blessed #1) but even if you haven’t we have for you a spoiler free review.


Agnes, Cecelia, and Lucy watched as Sebastian sacrificed himself for what he believed in. Will the girls trust that their destiny as saints and martyrs and perform the miracles as Sebastian instructed? Or lose faith in themselves and each other in his absence? Time is running out for them to make a decision, and the fate of the world lies in the balance.

The end of ‘Precious Blood’ was a shock but also completely fitting for the storyline Tonya has woven with Agnes, Cecilia, Lucy and Sebastian.In Precious Blood, we met Dr. Frey.  Fear not, for Dr. Frey is BACK and the creep(y) factor is still there.  He continues to wreak havoc between the girls.  While I do not want to be a patient of Dr. Frey, I do love what he brings to the storyline.

As with ‘Precious Blood’, death is not in short supply.  I am definitely looking forward to book 3 and am wondering who we will end up with at the end.  After the tough situations the girls have lived through I am wondering what life afterward will look like.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Prepare to fall in love with a young boy named Jude.  No, I am not giving out information about him because YOU should go read this book!

Not only do we learn more history of the Saints thanks to Dr. Frey’s intrigues, we also go behind the scenes of the Catholic Church.  Reading ‘Passionaries’ inspired me to go online to find photos and floor plans for the Vatican.  I enjoyed reading up a bit on what different areas were built for and how they are currently being used.  One area I looked into is the Borgia which is included in my Q&A with Tonya in the previous post.  Go and check out the picture!

One of my favorite parts about The Blessed series are the illustrated pages that have character hymns, elegies and visions.  In fact, I admit to going back and reading them twice as they are so intricately written.  Plus I am always trying to figure out if they are dreams or actually happening.

While I haven’t talked about what Agnes, Cecilia and Lucy they are of course the most important part of the story.  However, I want you to discover, as I did, how hard it will be to put down this book while you continue to learn more about their backgrounds and what they are up against in ‘Passionaries’.

Stop by our Giveaway post and enter to WIN copies of ‘Precious Blood’ (book 1) and ‘Passionaries’ (book 2). Then check out our Photo based post about the characters! Plus check out the Q&A post.  To learn more stop by the newly updated ‘The Blessed’ webpageTonya’s Webpage and THEN go follow Tonya on Twitter. You know you want to.



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