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As I read ‘The Blessed’ and ‘Passionaries’ much of my daydreaming was spent attempting to picture the amazing clothing, headpieces and surroundings I was immersed in…along with Agnes, Cecilia and Lucy.  I wondered if Tonya had drawn up visions of the headpieces I read so much about.  Wanted to tour the church mentioned so frequently throughout the books and yes I wanted to go downstairs to the sacred room where….oh right NO SPOILERS HERE!

So a few months ago when I was rummaging through my friends Pinterest boards and came across the board Tonya Hurley had labelled as ‘The Blessed’ I was intrigued.  I’m not sure how long I spent clicking on each photo and staring at the detail and beauty of the fashions as well as the gothic beauty before I realized I had to ask Tonya about her inspiration and use of the Pinterest board.

Tonya had this to say, ‘I am very inspired by fashion. Music. Life.  So the fashion aspects of my boards help inspire me!’

All of the images below are pulled from Tonya’s Pinterest page and are clickable directly back to her board.


Starting with this simple yet complete image (above) of how I imagine Sebastian at the church.  Although I admit to picturing him slightly less clothed.  The elegance found among the images Tonya has pinned always has me checking back to see what she has found and added.

Moving along to Cecilia, for me to narrow down the photos to a reasonable amount was difficult.  I admit Cecilia is, after two books, my absolute favorite of the three young ladies.  I want to rock out and whip my attitude around as she is

so succinctly able to do.  *waits for Tonya’s brother in law to call about setting up guitar lessons*

As I wait, let’s talk about how I adore the cover design for ‘Passionaries’ and how it relates back to Cecilia.

The purple and black are what I have come to think of as her personal colors.  This black/white photo is exactly how I picture Cecilia.  When she has to deal with Dr. Frey or any of the naysayers I imagine this to be her facial expression.  Also, awesome headpiece for the win!


Now truly when I picture her dressing for a rock performance the veil I want to see her wearing is actually this photo to the left!

This black strand veil with a beautifully designed head piece inspires head banging and flailing all over the stage as Cecilia shreds her guitar.  Bonus: Subtle ability to hide her face making her appear even more secretive and desired by the crowd.


Now when Cecilia is rocking out her nails are torn up but for some reason I couldn’t let go of her starting off with beautiful nails that reflect the love she has for Sebastian.  I found this photo and they really only work for her.


I am a big fan of Taylor Momsen. In fact when I went to Warped Tour 2010, the big reason I went was to see her.  It was most definitely the highlight of my day!  The bonus was the signing tent after as I love meeting artists and authors!  It was one of the few music acts I wanted to see.  My friend B-tez would tell you I dragged her to that set…and I figured she & my other friends owed me for making me spend the rest of my day seeing their choices…haha  So I’m clearly taking a bit of artistic license here when I point out that my next few picks are not only clothes I can see Taylor wearing but also Cecilia.  I wonder if Tonya agrees that they could be friends?  Um..you know if Cecilia was not a fictional character that is…

So above are the boot/leggings that I love….and really why hasn’t anyone bought those for me? You know..maybe don’t answer that.  I admit I found two pairs of boots that combined would be PERFECT…so here they are below! I admit the benefit of having curved blades that you could grab quickly, and use to fight off Dr. Frey or anyone else, would be a great benefit to Cecilia.

boots1 boots2


This was probably my favorite find on Tonya’s Pinterest board after those leggings above…this Articulated Hood would be so beneficial to Cecilia for slipping out of the club when the crowd goes crazy after her sets.  I can also imagine her ducking down alleys and into the church with the stealth I know only Cecilia has. 

Now I know my adoration for Cecilia has probably overwhelmed you but I do have a few picks for Agnes and Lucy.  Ready?


For Agnes, viriginal, pure and with an inner strength to go against all who rail against her I figured the items I felt drawn to would illustrate the quiet strength that surprises those who do not truly know her.


Now this is the beautiful floral headpiece I imagine Agnes pairing with the white dress above along with the make-up that I imagine Lucy would do while they are sitting in the pews of the church getting to know each other or catching up on what has happened in each other’s lives.


For this dress and gold headpiece to the right, I think Agnes would be the first to take scissors to the bottom two or three layers to shorten it in order to climb out her bedroom window.  The gold headpiece would be added later once she reached the church.  The man she is stepping on is one of those horrid cops from ‘The Blessed’.  Okay so technically a cop would be dressed but…just GO WITH IT people.


Of course with Lucy being the It Girl of the group, I couldn’t imagine picking out anything but the following blatant HERE I AM gown for her.  I wonder how long after Lucy shows up at the club with photos posted online this dress would sell out? This dress is also on my wish list for someone to buy me.

Oh did I mention I picked out a headpiece appropriate with some edits for Lucy?


This red rose headpiece is not quite how I imagine it.  I picture the roses being dipped in gold around the edges and the long part hanging down would be turned around to the  back of her head.  Really this outfit is the perfect outfit for that disastrous night out Lucy is bound to have as she attempts to distance herself from Cecilia, Agnes and thoughts of Sebastian.

gildedOf course her make up would need to be spectacular as only Lucy can pull off. So to the left is how I know her eyes would look. Only a hunch here that the lips would have to be a bold ruby red to match the dress above.  Quite possibly her hair would be braided in a crown around her head and her ears would have dangling ruby red earrings.

So which item(s) are you favorite? Did I not pick something on Tonya’s Pinterest page that you think fits Agnes, Cecilia or Lucy better?  Leave me a link so I can check it out!

To learn more stop by the newly updated ‘The Blessed’ webpageTonya’s Webpage and THEN go follow Tonya on Twitter. You know you want to.


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