Non-Book Holiday Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

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The holiday season approaches, and there’s one thing any book lover knows NOT to get for another book lover: a book!

This may seem contradictory, but hear us out: book lovers already voraciously read books, and will indulge in a book purchase at any time. It’s hard for a gift-giver to know what the recipient has read, wants to read, or has already purchased.

While gift cards to favorite book stores are always an excellent option, there are also a bounty of book-ish gift items that readers will adore — especially when these items allow them to show off to the world how much they love reading.

Check out our ideas below, then share your thoughts in the comments below!

pride and prejudice infinity scarf

Storiarts offers beautiful infinity scarves imprinted with text from some of the world’s most beloved titles, like Pride & Prejudice, Sherlock Holmes, and Jane Eyre. The also offer matching fingerless gloves, lighter weight summer scarves, and other beautiful pieces. Most scarves run $42-45 each.

ksny fall 2013 book stuff

Kate Spade New York offers a few classic titles as couture book clutches. The titles vary, and are often only available for limited times, despite the off-putting $298 price tag. This Fall, KSNY also released several other adorable, high-end fashion accessories inspired by books, including jewelry, scarves, and handbags.

wine charms

These wine charms are the perfect addition to a grown-up book club gathering. Pour your favorite wine and add one of these tags to make sure everyone remembers which glass is theirs, before diving into a discussion about your latest read.

book socks modcloth

Keep your toes warm while you cozy up on your favorite chair to read. Available for $8.99 from Mod Cloth, these socks offer a sweet bookshelf pattern.

out of print clothing

Banned books, Edgar Allan “Poe-ka” dots, and classic book covers like The Great Gatsby are just some of the stylish tote bag designs offered at Out of Print Clothing. Many of their designs are also available as both men’s and women’s t-shirts. Then check out their sweet pouches, especially these ones that look like library check-out cards.

candle and matches

The unique scent of this candle supposedly evokes the scents of paper, books, and the library. What better way to light this candle than using a match from this uniquely-designed set of “match books” from Out of Print Clothing.

book perfume

If a scented candle isn’t enough, how about a perfume that smells like books? From Karl Lagerfeld, Paper Passion supposedly evokes “the unique bouquet of freshly printed books.”


There’s nothing quite as lovely as curling up with a cup of tea (or coffee or cocoa or hot apple cider) and a good book. It only gets better when you can sip your drink of choice from one of these delightful bookish mugs. The various messages either tell the world to leave you alone, you’re reading — or express your love of books in general.


You’ll always know it’s time to start reading when you have this book-ish clock. The chic design can hang on the wall, but it also fits in perfectly on your bookshelf, too.

future reader onesie

For new parents, or brainy babies, snag this “future reader” onesie. It makes a great gift, especially when combined with a nice collection of board books. (I especially love these Cozy Classics, that retell beloved classic novels in single word format for the littlest readers.)

penguin goodies

Also from Penguin, check out their postcards feature iconic book covers and their classics collection of items and accessories featuring the memorable Penguin Classics design.

banned books bracelet

Don’t miss the American Library Association’s shop for an assortment of merchandise for book lovers. The offerings include a variety of mugs, tote bags, bookmarks, and more. I’m especially fond of this banned books bracelet.

book skirt

Nerd Alert Creations is your one-stop shop for book loving fashion. Here you’ll find adorable skirts feature book spines, the Maurauder’s Map from Harry Potter, or a map of Middle Earth. This shop also offers scarves and other fashion accessories featuring these beloved series, as well as other nerd fandom favorites, such as Doctor Who, The Avengers, and Sherlock.

For the comments: What other non-book gift ideas do you have for book lovers?

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  1. Knock Knock makes bookmark notepads that allow the reader to comment on what they’re reading/rank the book on a scale/etc. They run about $10. Also, plain old reading journals are cool – my mom got me one and I use it all the time!

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