Middle Grade Monday: 2013 Releases You Don’t Want to Miss!

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Happy July 1st, everyone!

As you’ve probably noticed, the Middle Grade Monday posts have taken a hiatus as I’ve been traveling all over the country since the beginning of summer. I am now settled and stationary and ready to deliver all the latest deets happening in the Middle Grade world.

Since we are now officially half way through 2013, I wanted to give you a list of some MG books released thus far that we have yet to review on Novel Novice. This is a sort of short recap on this list we provided you at the beginning of the year (with a few added authors). Make sure to check out these exciting new titles in Middle Grade and let us know your thoughts! (More reviews coming soon!)


Terra Temp: The Four Corners of Time, David R. Shapiro, Christopher Herndon, Erica Melville

Lincoln’s Grave Robbers, Steve Sheinkin

Terra TempoLincolns Grave Robbers2


The Magicians Tower, Shawn Thomas Odyssey

Magicians Tower


Odette’s Secrets, Maryann Macdonald

Marco Impossible, Hannah Moskowitz

The Menagerie, Tui T. Sutherland, Kari Sutherland

Odettes Secretsmarco-Bomb-mock-1PMenagerie


The Silver Dream, Michael Reaves & Mallory Reaves

Darius & Twig, Walter Dean Myers

The Time I Joined the Circus, J.J. Howard

The Silver DreamDarius and TwigTTIJTC


The School of Good and Evil, Soman Chainani

The Chronicles of Egg: New Lands, Geoff Rodkey

Wonder Light: Unicorns of the Mist, R. R. Russell

Lokis Wolves, K.L. Armstrong & M.A. Marr

Handbook of Dragon Slayers, Merrie Haskell

Clockwork Bound: The Clone Chronicles 2, M.E. Castle

The Planet Thieves, Dan Krokos

school of good and evilChronicals of EggWonder LightLokis-Wolves

Handbook-for-Dragon-Slayers-295x450Planet Thieves


Sidekicked, John David Anderson

To Be A Cat, Matt Haig

SideKicked2To Be a Cat2


Of Witches and Wind (The Everafters), Shelby Bach

The Scorpions of Zahir by Christine Brodien-Jones

Of Witches and Wine2Scorpions of Zahir2

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