The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2: Our Biggest Hits

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As many of you know, Novel Novice started out as Novel Novice Twilight — an education-based fan site for The Twilight Saga. Over the years, we generated hundreds upon hundreds of blog posts. But some of our features certainly had more traction than others.

So as we mark the end of this incredible franchise, and pay tribute to our roots as a blog, we’re taking a look back at our top five biggest hits from our Twilight fan site days:

5. Team Edward vs. Team Jacob: Elections

Talk about coming full circle! In 2008, during the last presidential election, we hosted a really fun feature to raise awareness about the election process and encourage fans 18+ to get out the vote — all by creating a year-long campaign of Team Edward versus Team Jacob. We featured debates, fan art, and even wrapped things up with a mock news report detailing the “election” results. Watch the (slightly embarrassing) video below:

And of course, in a bought of non-partisan brokership, we launched the Team Switzerland Project in 2009.

4. Twilight Lesson Plans

Novel Novice Twilight was always about using Twilight as an educational tool. And while we had fun covering general news about the franchise, and creating fun features, the heart and soul of our website was always rooted in education. And that’s why we’re so pleased that even now, our Twilight Lesson Plans continue to be a popular draw.

They also helped inspire the current Novel Novice, where we frequently post lesson plans and other classroom ideas for using current Young Adult literature in a school setting.

3. Ultimate Twilight Party Guide

Our Twilight Saga party ideas were so popular, they were even featured on TV! (See below for the video.) We featured tons of creative ways to create your own Twilight-themed party at home. This started long before themed party goods were easily available, and involved a lot of DIY — but the payoff was so worth it!

Will you be celebrating Breaking Dawn: Part 2 with a party like this?

2. Fan Fiction Writing Contests

We hosted regular fan fiction writing contests here at Novel Novice — and they were always a big hit. Every month or so, we’d announce a new writing prompt — and we’d feature the best submissions on our site, as well as giving the winners a special graphic to use when posting their stories on other websites.

We always loved the idea of fan fiction, because (1) it’s fun to read & write, and (2) it helps you develop and practice good writing skills.

Because even in fan fiction: spelling and grammar count!

1. Desktop Wallpapers

We had no idea when we first started posting desktop wallpapers for the Twilight Saga how popular they would become. But lo and behold, they are STILL the number one reason people continue browsing our now-retired Novel Novice Twilight — and we continue to release desktop wallpapers for Twilight and other book-based franchises here at Novel Novice.

The annual desktop wallpaper calendar tradition also continues, though we now choose to feature multiple franchises for the 12-month wallpaper collection.

Of course, two of our favorite — and most popular — sets of wallpapers were the goofiest ones of all. A set inspired by Jimmy Fallon’s “Bothered” skit featuring Robert Pattinson, and a set inspired by MTV’s “Bad Ass Cops” skit featuring Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. (MTV even Tweeted about these wallpapers!)

For the comments: What were your favorite features on Novel Novice Twilight?


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  1. Shadows

    I entered one of the fanfic challenges (the romance one) and came in third. 🙂 NNT was what introduced me to fanfic, and I am a complete fanfic nerd now. Without the practice I’ve gotten through fanfic, I don’t think I would have been able to (or have had enough confidence to) start writing a book this year. So, those fanfic challenges will always be special to me.

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