2012 Desktop Wallpapers: YA Mega Franchises

Posted December 30, 2011 by Sara 38 Comments

As has become an annual tradition here at Novel Novice, we bring you a new, year-long collection of desktop wallpapers. In previous years, our desktop wallpaper calendars have exclusively featured The Twilight Saga, as many of our original fans came from that fandom exclusively.

But these days, we have followers who are fans of many books. So for the 2012 desktop wallpaper calendar, we’re featuring several popular YA series. This collection of desktop wallpapers takes a lot of work, but it is our gift to you — a way to say thanks for your support all year long.

Special thanks to contributing staff member/graphic artist guru artistephie, for contributing three of the wallpapers below (February, June and October).

As always, we’d love for you to share these with friends — but PLEASE, DO NOT repost the wallpapers themselves on other sites, but rather link back here to download the full images! (Posting a *small* thumbnail is fine, as long as it links back here for the full-sized image.) Thanks!

To download, just click to view full-size, then right-click to save.

For the comments: Which series is your favorite? Any series you’d like to see new wallpapers for in the future? Tell us below!


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38 responses to “2012 Desktop Wallpapers: YA Mega Franchises

  1. alovesmusic

    I love all of them! I think you should do Hourglass and Divergent next time 🙂 Also very creative for putting The Hunger Games in March!

  2. Krystol

    I was really looking forward to the usual Twilight desktops… I don’t know most of these this year so I guess I’m opting out. That’s disappointing. Thanks for the last couple of years, anyway!

    • MrsFord

      Same here!! I do not know most of these movies and I really want the Twilight Calendars. Do you know of any other websites where you can get them?

      • Kate

        The hunger games, secret circle, harry potter, snow white and the huntsman, vampire diaries? any ring a bell?

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  4. matthew

    Next year im looking forward to more harry potter, a little bit of twilight, a ton of hunger games because catching fire is coming out in November of 2013. The rest should be bestselling movies. And maybe a couple tv show ones.

  5. As a tradition, I’ve kept Twilight as my calendar/desktop for three years now (thanks to the calendars you’ve made). I was really looking forward to having an entire year of that again depicting Breaking Dawn Part 1 – will you be doing that? I see June and November here (they are great, so thank you for those), I was just curious if you were going to make calendar desktops for the entire year 2012 of Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1 (and then of course finish it next year with Part 2)?

    • Sara | Novel Novice

      If you read the post above, you’ll see that we decided to do MULTIPLE series/books for this year’s calendar. So no, we will not be making any more calendars for 2012. They take a LONG time to make, and we just don’t have the hours to create more than one collection of calendars. But we hope you’ll give some of these other books a chance — they really are all quite wonderful!

    • Sara | Novel Novice

      As you’ll see in the note above, this year’s calendar features MULTIPLE book series, so we only made two months for the Twilight Saga (June and November, as you noted). We invite you to give these other wonderful series a try!

  6. As many others i would like to have a full calendar with twilight.For 3 years i had the twilight calendars on my desktop and i would love to keep it that way this year and next year at least.So please please please make us,fans,happy and give us a full twilight calendar.Thank you!

    • Sara | Novel Novice

      Since we are not a Twilight fan site, we wanted to expand this year to feature multiple franchises based on YA books to satisfy ALL of our followers. We’re sorry you’re disappointed, but we’re very pleased with this year’s calendar and plan to continue featuring multiple series in the future. We love Twilight – we do! – but there are many other books we love as well, and we hope you’ll give some of them a try.

      • I really like this calendar too, because i’m also a Harry Potter,The Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars fan, but i was hoping that maybe you would make a Twilight bonus or something(because I see that i’m not the only one asking for it).So thank you very much for this calendar.Maybe it’s not what we Twilight fans expected,but it’s awesome.

  7. Astoria

    😀 😀 😀 😀 ONLY 2 MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. janflora

    Man I wish I had gotten March’s but since I just finished The Mortal Instruments 1-3, April’s is perfect 🙂 LOVE December!!!! 🙂

  9. Natalia

    Is it possible that you can do one on the ‘Hush Hush Saga’, ‘Angel’ Series and ‘The Flower Shop Mystery’ Series.

    Hush Hush Saga: Hush Hush, Crescendo, Silence, Finale
    Angel: Angel, Angel Fire, Angel Fever
    The Flower Shop Mystery: Mum’s The Word, Slay It With Flowers, Dearly Depotted, Snipped In The Bud, Acts Of Violets, A Rose From The Dead, Shoots To Kill, Evil In Carnations, Sleeping With Anemone, Dirty Rotten Tendrils, Night Of The Living Dandelion, To Catch A Leaf, Nightshade On Elm Street; & more soon.


    • Sara | Novel Novice

      We might be able to do one or two of those for the 2013 calendar! Thanks for your suggestions! 🙂

  10. maya rosenberg

    maybe in the 2013 calendar you can put Delirium by Lauren Oliver, Uglies Series by Scott Westerfeld or the Vampire Academy Series by RIchelle Mead??? Thanks

  11. Of course I discover these awesome desktop wallpapers in mid December 2012…
    Oh well, at least I get to have the Harry Potter wallpaper for a little while 🙂

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