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Talk about surreal. It was just about four years ago that I first started blogging with Tiffany Truitt. A teacher in West Virginia, she had just started the website Novel Novice Twilight — to showcase how she was using the Twilight series in her classroom. A long proponent of literacy and using popular books to promote education, I loved what Tiffany was doing and soon teamed up with her to help run the website. A couple years later, I took the concept and created Novel Novice as a spin-off site. Tiffany stuck with me and continued to write occasional book reviews and blog posts for the new site.

In between blog posts and teaching and the rest of her life, Tiffany was hard at work writing her own YA novel and working to get it published. I remember her talking about it four years ago when we first started emailing. Fast-foward to now … and here I am, introducing the blog tour for Tiffany’s debut novel, Chosen Ones. I am so THRILLED to have been following Tiffany’s progress for all these years, and to see her dream finally coming true. It doesn’t hurt that I’ve read Chosen Ones and so I know what an amazing novel it is. I can’t wait for the rest of the world to discover its awesomeness. But for now, I’ll stop blabbing and let Tiffany do the talking … but needless to say, Tiffany, I am SO proud of you & SO happy for you. Congrats!!!!

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I am so excited for this week’s YAY 4 YA! What’s Yay 4 YA you ask?

All week I will be stopping by some of YA’s biggest and best blogs, as well as offering some cool sneak peeks and insights into my debut novel, The Chosen Ones, which will be in stores on June 12th.

AND if that’s not cool enough….I’m offering some sweet prizes for all you kindly folks who took the time out of your busy day to scream YAY 4 YA. Each of the blogs I stop at this week will be offering Chosen Ones as an e-book before it hits the shelves.

After you read about The Chosen Ones on your favorite YA blog, stop by my blog to read more general information about the day’s topic and a chance to win some cool prizes. All you have to do is answer the discussion question in the comments section to be entered. But that’s not the only way you can up your chances of winning some book swag. Follow me on twitter or like me on Facebook, and your name will get added to the mix again.

At the conclusion of YAY 4 YA, I will be picking 5 winners at random to win the following:

  • 2 winners will receive: a signed Chosen Ones poster, a signed Chosen Ones arc, AND a signed Mortal Instruments poster by Cassandra Clare
  • 3 additional winners will win: a signed Mortal Instruments poster by Cassandra Clare and an e-book version of The Chosen Ones

So how do you win again? You will be entered one time for each of the following: leaving a comment on my blog, following me on twitter (make sure you tell me in the comments section that you followed), and liking my Facebook page.

I am so thrilled that my first stop on my first ever blog tour is here at Novel Novice. What a great site. Today, it’s all about Character. After reading about The Chosen Ones here, make sure to stop by my site and discuss your favorite YA characters to be entered in the book swag contest!!

Now, let’s meet the characters of The Chosen Ones


Age: 16

Classification: Natural, Templeton Girl

Physical Description: His eyes roamed everywhere. I could feel them pause over certain places, spaces of imperfection: my slightly too long neck; my much too thin arms; my general lack of torso; my long, disproportioned legs; my thick reddish hair.

Characteristics: Stubborn, Withdrawn, Introverted…..but there is something inside her waiting to break free. She was meant to rebel. It’s in her blood.

Favorite Tess Quote: Then I’m sorry, but I’m going to run. I won’t die for you.


Age: 16

Classification: Chosen One, In-training

Physical Description: As I looked to the chosen one beside me, I saw past the perfection the creators intended when constructing him. Behind his alluring appearance lay danger. His artfully sculpted cheekbones, curly black hair, and dazzling mismatched eyes didn’t impress me. Those weren’t the things that stirred something inside me the way playing the piano did. It was the flaw. The small scar on his chin. It was glorious.

Characteristics: agile, intelligent…seemingly perfect chosen one…but underneath his seemingly perfect obedience lays an inquisitive nature that might just get him in trouble.

Favorite James quote: I…when the other boys would talk about the female naturals, the Templeton girls, I never got it. Sure, some were attractive, but I never felt that thing, you know. I mean I would read about it in books. But I never understood it. Then I saw you in the damn piano room. And I felt it—want. I wanted you


Age: 17

Classification: Natural

Physical Description: He looked so different from the boy I remembered. Our meetings were moments trapped in short glances—this was something different. While he was still rather lanky, his arms were toned. His sandy blond hair was longer than most of the boys’. It was painfully obvious that any trimming he did by himself. His bright green eyes still entrapped me as they always had.

Characteristics: determined, passionate, political, acts before thinking

Favorite Henry quote: If I were on the winning side, the side with the power, they wouldn’t call me a terrorist. That’s the jacked-up thing. Even more so than the violence and death.


Age: 13

Classification: Natural, one of the last born

Physical Description: Louisa had always been a little sickly, but there was now a fresh blush to her cheeks. Her blue eyes seemed to become brighter and brighter.

Characteristics: sickly, self-possessed, fickle, needy

Favorite Louisa quote: Of course you would say that, Tess. No offense, but you’re not exactly the type of girl to enjoy a place like Templeton. I don’t know why they won’t just let any girl from a family volunteer to work there. Why does it have to be the oldest? Besides, as one of the last born, I’m about as special as the chosen ones.


Age: 16

Classification: Chosen One, In-training

Physical Description: He was just as stunningly perfect as the others, but there was something in his eyes that left me feeling naked, like he could see right through me if he chose to and I would be unable to stop him. He wore his power proudly

Characteristics: power-hungry, manipulative, insecure

Favorite George Quote: What’s going on in that insipid brain of yours? You don’t actually think you can refuse me, do you? This is all a ruse, you know. I’m a chosen one; I can have whatever of yours that I want.


Age: 20s (He doesn’t share a lot about his life)

Classification: Natural, Relocated

Characteristics: devastated by loss of wife, carries a heavy burden, secretive

Favorite Robert Quote: Telling you I loved Emma wouldn’t be enough. It was more than that. I was obsessed with her. There wasn’t anything I wouldn’t do. Every second of every minute that we spent together, I knew it was wrong, insane, but I couldn’t help it. I didn’t care. I thought I deserved her

*          *          *

Remember, be sure to stop by Tiffany’s blog to enter today’s giveaway and join the drawing for one of the grand prizes!

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