Cassandra Clare & Holly Black: Exclusive Video Q&A Part 1

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Last year, Holly Black and Cassandra Clare went on tour together to promote their books Red Glove and City of Lost Souls. During their Portland stop, I got to sit down with the authors for an interview — which quickly devolved into many tangents. Needless to say, it was a grand time.

I was so excited to edit and post the videos … until my computer malfunctioned and wouldn’t let me upload the videos. I was very frustrated, to say the least. After so much time had passed and I still couldn’t get it to work, I got distracted by other projects. Fast forward to this year, when I planned to make Holly’s Black Heart our April Book of the Month. I remembered those video interview sessions with Holly and Cassie, and decided it was time to figure out what was going on with my computer and make them happen.

So … one year later … I am belatedly very pleased to FINALLY share my exclusive video Q&A with Holly and Cassie. Below, you’ll find the main portion of our interview. Tomorrow, tune in as Holly and Cassie answer fan questions, and then on Wednesday, we’ll have a round of flash questions with the authors. And on Thursday, we have an extra special bonus contest!

So sit back, relax, & enjoy! (And thanks for your unending patience with my computer’s crankiness!)

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