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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (or OCD) is no laughing matter — unless, of course, you’re reading the new book Lexapros & Cons by Aaron Karo, a riotous look at the ups and downs of high school life made all the more difficult by having to deal with OCD.

Lexapros & Cons follows high school senior Chuck Taylor through his last year in high school, as he tries to overcome his OCD, make up with his best friend, and maybe snag the girl of his dreams. Chuck maneuvers the emotional landmine that is high school with his secret arsenal: Chucks, or as he calls them, “Cons.” Yes, Chuck shares the same name  as the icon behind the well known Chuck Taylor sneakers — and he embraces this connection, building a collection of high top Cons in just about every color. Unbeknownst to anyone else, Chuck uses these Cons to express his emotions — a different color for every mood.

A coming of age story in the most purest and hilarious forms, Lexapros & Cons is a witty book with a fresh, hilarious, and no-holds-barred new voice in YA fiction. Karo is no stranger to writing or to comedy — he’s written plenty of other books and has appeared on Comedy Central — but this is his first forray into young adult fiction, and I’d call it a roaring success.

Chuck is a sympathetic (if sometimes just pathetic) character, and Karo has crafted a voice that is authentic, endearing, and just plain entertaining. Chuck is the kind of character we can all relate to in a little way (even if it annoys him when people say they “have a little OCD, too”). Reading about his trials and tribulations will make you cringe, reminisce, and want to rock your own collection of colored Cons.

Lexapros & Cons is coming of age storytelling at its finest and its funniest. Drama and angst without all the drama and angst — just tons of laughs and some endearing characters.

Lexapros & Cons is in stores April 10th.

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7 responses to “Lexapros & Cons by Aaron Karo

  1. I’m so glad you liked this — I DIED laughing! It’s definitely not for those who don’t appreciate some serious guy humor, but for the rest of us, it’s just soda-spewing hilarious. I mean, I was totally hooked after the first sentence (which I read in public–I do not recommend this!).

    • Sara | Novel Novice

      I laughed almost the entire way through this book — and yes, that first sentence is killer! And you know me … I adore guy humor.

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