The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

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The Fault in Our Stars by John Green is the type of book that doesn’t really need a lot of extra publicity. I mean, it had a 150,000 initial print run (with pre-sales boosted by John’s promise to sign all 150,000 copies ahead of time) and it’s written by freaking John Green. The man has a following so huge that my blog’s readership pales by comparison. Suffice it to say, John Green doesn’t need my help selling books.

But The Fault in Our Stars is one of those rare books that come along only every so often and move me, as a reader. So it behooves me to share my feelings on this stunning portrait of adolescence, cancer, love, life, and death. Here are three things I loved most about The Fault in Our Stars (and why you should read it, too):

1. It’s the funniest sad book I’ve ever read, and the saddest funny book I’ve ever read. I was crying and then laughing and then laughing and crying at the same time. Combined, this unexpected blend of humor and tragedy makes for a truly honest portrayal of what it’s like to deal with a terminal disease. Cancer sucks. Life doesn’t have to.

2. This is what contemporary YA is all about. It’s smart and witty and doesn’t speak down to its audience. Green gives us characters who are insightful and flawed and who share the same hopes, dreams, and fears we all do as teenagers. (And that many of us continue to face as adults). You read this book, and think, Yes! This! This is adolescence! This is life! This is real!

3. It’s the kind of book you tell everyone about. Sure, John Green has a huge following online and lots of fans. But there are even more people WHO DON’T EVEN KNOW. They have no idea! And after reading The Fault in Our Stars, I want the entire world to read this book as well. And so I find myself telling anyone and everyone about it — even people who probably don’t give a crap. Friends, family, coworkers, random strangers in the grocery store. This is the kind of book I can’t shut up about. Honestly. It would just be easier if you read it. Then I might stop telling you about it.

Bonus Points: The title is a Shakespearean reference. And the book is chock-full of literary references, both real and fictional. That makes everything more entertaining for book nerds like me.

The Fault in Our Stars is in stores now.

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  1. Kailey

    The Fault in Ours Stars was fantastic. I completely agree with your review! Best of John’s books yet. DFTBA!

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