Don’t Breathe a Word & Tell Me a Secret Desktop Wallpapers

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I met Holly Cupala back in September during KidLitCon in Seattle — first when I asked her to sign my copy of Tell Me A Secret. Then we got to talking and she slipped me her last ARC for Don’t Breathe a Word. The next day, I heard Holly and her husband Shiraz talk about their very creative & brilliant ideas for marketing a YA book with a very small budget and only limited support from publishers. I took notes. Later that same day, Holly was in another session where I mentioned using desktop wallpapers as a tool for driving traffic to my site (here, at Novel Novice). After, Holly came up and said what a good idea she thought that was. “I want desktop wallpapers,” she lamented. I promised to oblige.

And so that brings us to today … wherein, I present to you two new desktop wallpapers — one each for Holly’s brilliant books, Tell Me A Secret and the newly released Don’t Breathe a Word (read our review of it here).

Click each image to view full-size, then right click to save (but please, don’t repost these full images on other sites — but rather link back here) … then go out & read both of Holly’s books if you haven’t already!

For the comments: Have you read Holly’s books? Any favorite quotes?

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