Tahereh Mafi: Shatter Me Q&A Part 4

Here it is! The final part of our exclusive Q&A with Shatter Me author Tahereh Mafi, in which she answers our flash questions! Thanks again for playing along, Tahereh …

If they made a Tahereh Mafi candle, what would it smell like?

The inside of an Anthropologie store.

Favorite cartoon?

The Simpsons.

Chocolate or vanilla?


Your personal theme song?

Oh I have no idea. Probably something really awful from the 90s. Or maybe a Celine Dion song. The kinds of songs that come on the radio late at night when you’re driving home.

You’re on a deserted island and have to read one book for the rest of your life. What is it?

This is such a painful question to answer; there are so many different types of books to choose from and I’m not sure what would entertain me most on a deserted island. Maybe one of those regency romance novels loaded with pirates.

Favorite book as a child?

Anything by Judy Blume.

Secret talent?

Ummm… I don’t know that this is a talent, but I used to break dance. Not many people know that.


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