Untraceable by Shelli Johannes-Wells: Cover Reveal Part 3

All this week, we’re helping Vania Stoyanova and Shelli Johannes-Wells share photos from their cover shoot for Shelli’s new book, Untraceable. Shelli is also posting behind the scenes shots at her blog!

You can see Monday  and Tuesday’s posts on why they decided not to use those covers. Go take a peek and let them know what you think of those covers …

And here is another photo — that is NOT the cover — and a new excerpt from Untraceable. The real cover will be revealed on FRIDAY!

Without hesitation, I shoot off toward the intruder, only to anger a dry stick.


The figure stops.

I slip behind a mountain laurel, letting the fat bush conceal me, and wait a few seconds. Then, in a stealth move, I inch around the side and survey the wooded landscape, listening for any sound.


A deep voice cuts through the silence. “Oi! What are you doing?”

I spin around to face a guy standing only a few yards away. My wilderness survival class comes back to me. Always size up your opponent. Note every detail. I conduct a quick once-over and etch a physical profile into my brain. Never know when you might have to do a composite sketch.

Here’s what Vania had to say about this mock cover, and why they chose not to use it:

This cover was so fun to shoot. We built a cage of branches to surround Jae, our model, while she lay in a hollow of some tree roots (See a behind the scenes shot of this on Shelli’s blog). The sun was doing all sorts of cool things, going from super bright to golden and towards the end I got this shot that made me squee. Sadly it reminded me of a few other covers, namely Carrie Ryan’s The Forest of Hands & Teeth, to actually be able to use it.

For the comments: What do you think? Which mock cover has been your favorite so far?

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