This Dark Endeavor: Frankenstein-Related Lesson Plans

One of the things we love so much about This Dark Endeavor is that it’s the perfect novel for teachers to incorporate into their classroom. After all, Frankenstein is often found as part of the required curriculum in schools across the country — so as a prequel, This Dark Endeavor is the perfect new YA novel to bring into the classroom.

Here are some Frankenstein teaching resources that can serve as a launching point for combining the classic novel with Kenneth Oppel’s clever prequel:

Frankenstein Lesson Plans

Lesson plans for Frankenstein show ways to use the novel by Mary Shelley in the classroom. Some slight modifications will let you adapt these lesson plans for This Dark Endeavor.

Discussion Questions

Though written as discussion questions for Frankenstein, these can also be adapted for use with This Dark Endeavor

And finally, check out the excellent Glencoe Literature Library Frankenstein Study Guide, which features information about Mary Shelley, an introduction to the novel, pre-reading activities, active reading responses, and other classroom activities. This is a VERY extensive guide!

For the comments: Know some other great teaching resources for Frankenstein? Share ’em below!


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