Kenneth Oppel: This Dark Endeavor Q&A Part 2

Our exclusive Q&A with This Dark Endeavor author Kenneth Oppel continues today. If you missed part 1, check it out here — otherwise, read on!

In THIS DARK ENDEAVOR, we can already see Victor’s flaws as a character — the same flaws that eventually lead to his troubles in FRANKENSTEIN. What are the challenges of writing from the POV of such a flawed individual? What are the perks?

He’s a fascinating character: brash, arrogant, reckless, but also loyal, loving and incredibly brave. It’s much more interesting to write about a character who has a rich range of characteristics, even if some of them are dislikeable and contradictory. Above all, he’s a fascinating, charismatic specimen, and as long as a character is passionate, readers will want to follow him on his journey. Some readers have remarked that they’re surprised how sympathetic and compelling a character he is, despite his unpleasant qualities. I guess I take that as a compliment. I mean, this is Victor Frankenstein we’re talking about, not Harry Potter.  Victor’s got a little more edge.

Beyond what I imagine were massive re-readings of FRANKENSTEIN, what other sort of research/prep work went into writing THIS DARK ENDEAVOR?

More than re-reading the novel, I immersed myself in the lives of Mary Shelley, Percy, and Byron – amazing stuff! They were all rather crazy, and larger than life. I stole from them as much as I could.

We all know what will eventually — many years in the future — happen to Victor. But I imagine there could be other influential events that could help shape him into the man Mary Shelley first introduced us to. Would you ever consider (or are you considering) writing another prequel, perhaps one that takes place after THIS DARK ENDEAVOR?

You’ll have to read SUCH WICKED INTENT next August to find out …

*Sara’s mind explodes here!* Seriously, another book?! HUZZAH!

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